Wednesday, March 31, 2021

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #33

(a short jaunt)

"Good Clean Fun" - Allman Brothers / "Seven Turns" (1990)

Apparently, this was the first time that the "Midnight Rider" Gregg Allman and the "Ramblin' Man" Dickey Betts shared writing credits.  That's pretty cool that they finally did and really surprising that it took'em so long.  Southern rock and the boys are getting'er done.  It only took'em nine studio albums to get there.  Anyway, the song sounds like a jukebox good time to me.   And boy, don't it make ya feel good hearing Dickey tear it up in the middle. (NEED)

"Mr. Radio" - ELO / "The Electric Light Orchestra" (1971)

Old radio tuning sounds at the beginning and experimental studio trickery at the end is very cool and a bit trippy.  No one can mix the classical strings with pop-rock so seamlessly as ELO.  I'm guessing Jeff Lynne was the man behind the curtains on this one.  And the song from the band's debut album certainly casts shadows of greater things yet to come. (NEED)

"Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" - Rolling Stones / “The Rolling Stones No. 2” (UK 1965)

The Rolling Stones version of the Solomon Burke soul classic was a full five-minutes on their UK album, “The Rolling Stones No. 2.”  On the US album counterpart, "The Rolling Stones, Now!" the song was trimmed down to a measly three-minute spin.  Across the pond, the young Stones were trying to show their appreciation and inspiration in the wax.  And that's the album to try and hunt down. (NEED)


Good stuff.


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