Sunday, March 21, 2021

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #32

(a 20-minute jaunt)

"Deserted Cities Of The Heart" - Cream / "Wheels of Fire" (1968)

Surprisingly, I don't own this album.  But the song, the last track on side two, sounds like a legit lost classic to me.  Where have you been all this time radio-radio?  It has a blistering Eric Clapton solo with Ginger Baker committing homicide on his drums for good measure.  Jack Bruce does the rest.  This was Cream's 3rd album, a double package half studio/half live.  And for what it's worth, "Wheels Of Fire" checked-in at #205 on RS 500 greatest albums of all time. (NEED)

"Breathless" - Todd Rundgren / "Something / Anything?" (1972)

I have a love/hate relationship with this most-talented chameleon.  Todd is a shape-shifter.  A swimmer of deep waters.  Tightwires without a net.  Pulls his bow while blindfolded.  And sometimes he gets too clever for his own good.  But sometimes he gets it right.  "Something/Anything?" is one of my favorite double-albums and the song "Breathless" as cool and uplifting an instrumental as you'd want.  Totally dig it.  And yet this song is still one of the weaker tracks found on the album.  Todd Rundgren is HOF overdue. (OWN)  

"Boogie Motel"  - Foghat / "Boogie Motel" (1979)

Foghat gives fans exactly what they want.  No flash.  No flames.  Just some good, friendly boogie blues-rock.  Put on some classic 70s Foghat, toss me something cold from the fridge and I can get some work done.  Summers are a great match for a band like Foghat.  Just crank it and forget it.  "Boogie Motel" was Foghat's eighth album and the last one of the decade. (OWN)  Here is a conversation I had with Foghat drummer Roger Earl in 2019.


Good stuff.


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