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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter" - The Incredible String Band (1968)

 "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter" - The Incredible String Band (1968)

"Sometimes I think you keep forgetting that you don't know me."  The first time I listened to this folk-psych album "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter"...I wasn't even there.  I was reading this and looking at that and moving around and leaving the room.  And when the album was over...I'd missed it.  You know how that goes.  Anyway, when I gave the record a proper listen later that afternoon, I was rewarded by having my mind dropped off somewhere in the middle of a long-ago forest courtesy of Dr. Who.  No worries or dangers.  Just one curiosity after another.  Weird lyrics carried along by a cacophony of strange mind-pleasing instruments  Led by Mike Heron and Robin Williamson, The Incredible String Band gives us a tasty slice of some British folk psych pie.  A time-travelers delight and a great follow-up to their 1967 offering..."The 5000 Spirits..."

"The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter" - The Incredible String Band (back)

Favorites (and I enjoyed them all) are the epic 13-minute "A Very Cellular Song" with its left-turn lyrics and musical directions.  It all makes for an enjoyable journey.  The mysterious curio "Witches Hat" is a mind-taker.  And the charming "Mercy I Cry City" is probably the closest to radio-friendly they get on this album.  The opening track "Koeeoaddi There" is a perfect gauntlet to lay down.  Best of all, this album continues to reward even after frequent spins.  

Elektra tan label (photo looks orange)

(Insert 10 x 10 lyric & credit sheet)

Cat #
E KS 74021 A-CTH- 4  W  A2  T1
EKS 74021 B-CTH- 4  1  W  T 

"Witches Hat" - The Incredible String Band / "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter" (1968)

A1  "Koeeoaddi There" 4:41
A2  "The Minotaur's Song" 3:18
A3  "Witches Hat" 2:30
A4  "A Very Cellular Song" 2:55
B1  "Mercy I Cry City" 2:40
B2  "Waltz Of The New Moon" 5:01
B3  "The Water Song" 2:47
B4  "Three Is A Green Crown" 7:40
B5  "Swift As The Wind" 4:50
B6  "Nightfall" 2:29

Robin Williamson - vocals, guitar, gimbri, whistle, percussion, panpipe, piano, oud, mandolin, jew's harp, chahanai, water harp, harmonica
Mike Heron - vocals, sitar, Hammond organ, guitar, hammer dulcimer, harpsichord
Dolly Collins - flute organ, piano
David Snell - harp
Licorice - vocals, finger cymbals
Richard Thompson – vocals (A2)
Judy Dyble – vocals (A2)

Good stuff.


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