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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Livin' Love" - The Feminine Complex (1969 - Rei 2020)

"Livin' Love" - The Feminine Complex (1969)

The Feminine Complex were five high school girls from Tennessee and historically one of the earliest all-girl rock and roll groups on the scene.  Playing their own instruments and singer/guitarist Mindy Dalton writing most of the songs, their music was a spectrum of catchy garage pop-rock and dreamy, melancholic ballads with some soft psych nuggets thrown into the mix.  The band was all hot pants and high boots and high energy on stage for those lucky enough to have seen them.  Apparently. they toned it down somewhat for their lone album, "Livin' Love," but the square is still filled with infectious energy and commitment.  And I found it quite enjoyable.

"Livin' Love" - The Feminine Complex (back)

The band is also listed in The Acid Archives, but the review is a little bit misleading.  The album is described as being "horn-led pop" and that is just so not true.  Horns show up on a couple of songs, but tastefully so, and are nothing to get hung about.  "Livin' Love" is a groovy snapshot of the times from a teenage feminine rock heart.

"Livin' Love" - The Feminine Complex (inside gatefold)

Favorites are the psych dusted "Time Slips By" and "Hide And Seek."  "Run That Thru Your Mind" is a "kiss-it" barnburner.  The last two tracks on the bonus vinyl have a couple of tasty keyboard trippers with "Is This A Dream" and "Movin."  Both are very cool.   Finally, the Mindy Dalton penned ballad "Are You Lonesome Like Me" is an amazing piece of sultry atmosphere.
Original copies are harder to find and becoming pricey.  My copy is the 2020 RSD Sundazed reissue that includes the original '69 LP and a second vinyl with demos and tracks never before on vinyl.  Both are on hot pink colored vinyl and the sound quality is top-notch.

Colored hot pink vinyl

Modern Harmonic label / Distributed by Sundazed Music

Obi (barcode on back)

Cat #
MH-8204-A  KPG@CA
MH-8204-B  KPG@CA
MH-8204-C  KPG@CA
MH-8204-D  KPG@CA

"Hide And Seek" - The Feminine Complex / "Livin' Love" (1969) 

A1  "Hide And Seek" 3:39
A2  "Now I Need You" 3:28
A3  "Are You Lonesome Like Me?" 2:52
A4  "I Won't Run" 3:14
A5  "Six O'Clock In The Morning" 3:19
B1  "Run That Thru Your Mind" 2:27
B2  "It's Magic" 2:34
B3  "I Don't Want Another Man" 2:29
B4  "Forgetting" 2:11
B5  "I've Been Working On You" 2:33
B6  "Time Slips By" 4:04
C1  "Hold My Hand" 3:41
C2  "Love Love Love" 2:27
C3  "I've Been Working On You" (Demo) 2:44
C4  "Hold Me" 3:35
C5  "Now I Care" 2:51
D1  "A Summer Morning" 2:34
D2  "The Warmth Of Your Smile" 1:59
D3  "Are You Lonesome Like Me?" (Demo) 2:26
D4  "Time Slips By" (Demo) 2:25
D5  "Is This A Dream?" 2:54
D6  "Movin'" 2:05

Mindy Dalton - lead vocals, guitar
Judi Griffith - tambourine, vocals
Jean Williams - bass
Pame Stephens - keyboards
Lana Napier - drums, vocals

Good stuff.


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