TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Home" - Jolliver Arkansaw (1969)

"Home" (front)

This was a blind buy.  It was $8 and it looked interesting enough to take a chance.  Plus the back cover mentioned guitarist Leslie West as a guest musician on one of the songs.  Felix Pappelardi was the producer.  Turns out Jolliver Arkansaw was really the psych band...Bo Grumpus.  When the band changed labels from ATCO to Bell Records, for some legal reason or other, the band was forced to also change their name.  So the band from New York, via Boston, went with the name Jolliver Arkansaw.  Whaddyagonnado?

Anyway, "Home" wound up being a surprising chance purchase.  The music is catchy and rocks pretty hard with a rural garage attitude.  There is occasional psych dustings on a couple of songs as well.  Side two is the stronger spin with Leslie West playing nice on the closing track..."Gray Afternoon."  The fuzzier "Lisa My Love" is heavy with a Hendrix vibe all over it.  The wonderful "Hatred Sun" is a gentle cushion for the busy head.  That's Felix playing the ocarina.  There are two rather "meh" jugband songs on the album, but the rest is solid.

By late summer of '69, Jolliver Arkansaw would call it a day.  A few months later, Leslie West and Felix Pappelardi would be burning the walls down in a band called Mountain.   

"Home" (back)

"Home" (inside gatefold)

Bell Records

Cat #
6031SA  [script] Bestway  Bell Sound  5-7-69
6031SB  [script] Bestway  Bell Sound 

"Gray Afternoon" - Jolliver Arkansaw / "Home" (1969) 

A1  "Frou Frou" 2:24
A2  "Mr. Brennan" 2:22
A3  "Bright as Fire" 3:12
A4  "The Eye" 3:01
A5  "A Girl Like Mary" 2:20
A6  "Hatred Sun" 2:13
B1  "Lisa My Love" 2:43
B2  "Migrant Fowl" 2:12
B3  "King Chaos" 3:32
B4  "You Keep Me Satisfied" 2:44
B5  "St. Justina" 2:32
B6  "Gray Afternoon" 3:09

Jim Colegrove - bass, guitar, dobro, vocals
Joe Hutchinson - guitar. vocals
Eddie Mottau - guitar, vocals
Ronnie Blake - drums
Felix Pappalardi (producer, keyboards, guitar, ocarina, bass, A6)
Leslie West (guitar, B6)

Good stuff.



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