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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Fuzzy Duck" - Fuzzy Duck (1971)

 "Fuzzy Duck" - Fuzzy Duck (1971)

This is the 2020 UK/Europe reissue of Fuzzy Duck's self-titled album released in 1971.  "Fuzzy Duck" is a very solid hard rock album with tasteful prog dustings all in that early 70s flavor.  The band Fuzzy Duck compares quite well to their contemporaries of the era.  There are hints of Uriah Heep and Atomic Rooster and maybe some Bloodrock, but just hints.  The album sounds fresh and has a lot of energy and is worthy of receiving new attention.  There are no weak links on this album, either.  Drop the needle and crank it.

The band had an interesting pedigree.  On the keys was Ray Sharland who was with The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown.  Bassist Mick Hawksworth was in the Five Day Week Straw People...a tasty 1968 psych band out of Britain.  And drummer Paul Francis was also bangin' it as an original member of Tucky Buzzard.  

"Fuzzy Duck" (back)

Fuzzy Duck was from London and when their self-titled album was originally released, only 500 pressings were made.  Original copies are obviously very hard to come by and will set you back some major, major coinage.  The record is not a lost gem or anything, but it does sound pretty ambitious for its time.  And like I said, there are no bad tracks.

The only problem with my copy...the label on side one looks like it was torn at the bottom. (see below)  It doesn't affect the spin at all, but visually it's enough to piss one off.  Whadyagonnado?

Favorites include the psych-tinged "Afternoon Out."  And the excellent 7-min. prog-burn "Mrs. Prout" offers up a nice conversation between bass and organ...neither giving no quarter.  And the killer "Country Boy" is a surprising powderkeg and is quickly becoming a repeat spin.  Fuzzy Duck has a great sound. If you like early 70s hard rock, this album will slide onto your rock shebang with ease.

Be With Records

Cat #
BEWITH 082LP - A2  29154 2A [STAMPED]
BEWITH 082LP - B1  29154 1B [STAMPED]

"Afternoon Out"- Fuzzy Duck / "Fuzzy Duck" (1971)

A1  "Time Will Be Your Doctor" 5:06
A2  "Mrs. Prout" 6:45
A3  "Just Look Around You" 4:20
A4  "Afternoon Out" 5:20
B1  "More Than I Am" 5:30
B2  "Country Boy" 6:00
B3  "In Our Time" 6:49
B4  "A Word From Big D" 1:51

Grahame White – vocals, guitars
Mick Hawksworth – bass, vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric cello, cricket bat
Roy Sharland – organ, vocals, electric piano
Paul Francis – drums, percussion

Good stuff.

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