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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Circus Maximus" - Circus Maximus (1967)

"Circus Maximus" - Circus Maximus (1967)

The Circus Maximus self-titled debut album is psych-tinged garagey folk-rock.  It has occasional freakouts and the tracks sound bright and loose with jangling guitars reminiscent a little of mid-period Byrds or Beau Brummels  The music is catchy and original.  The group is notable for having Jerry Jeff Walker in the band, but their other songwriter, Bob Bruno is the stronger of the two on this square.  Pushing things forward with a more biting, psych-driven edge.  The band was originally called the Lost Sea Dreamers, but Vanguard Records nixed that idea because the initials "LSD" was linked to the drug.

"Circus Maximus" (back)

Favorites are the keyboard-burner..."Short Haired Fathers."   The dark and ominous "Chess Game."  And the dreamy 8-minute headspin...."Wind" like nothing else on the album.  Floaty and jazzy and just an outstanding late-night drive song.  The song "Wind" did receive some airplay on the deeper FM and it's no wonder.  You can find good copies of this 1967 album in the $10 range and is a no-brainer. 

Vanguard company sleeve

Vanguard label

Cat #
o XSV124536-3B  P V SD 79260  A
XSV124537-3D  VSD 79260  B

"Wind" - Circus Maximus / "Circus Maximus" (1967)

A1  "Travelin' Around" 2:53
A2  "Lost Sea Shanty" 4:06
A3  "Oops I Can Dance" 3:31
A4  "Rest Of My Life To Go" 2:46
A5  "Bright Light Lovers" 2:50
A6  "Chess Game" 3:26
B1  "People's Games" 2:27
B2  "Time Waits" 3:46
B3  "Fading Lady" 5:34
B4  "Short-Haired Fathers" 2:59
B5  "Wind" 8:07

Jerry Jeff Walker - guitar, vocal
Bob Bruno - lead guitar, organ, piano, vocal
David Scherstrom - drums
Gary White - bass, vocal
Peter Troutner -  guitar, vocal, tambourine

Good stuff.

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