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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Jake Jones" - Jake Jones (1971)

"Jake Jones" - Jake Jones (1971)

There was never an actual Jake Jones in the band.  Jake Jones was just a name they chose to call themselves.  Nonetheless, Jake Jones had a loyal underground following in the St. Louis area.  KSHE radio was an advocate for the band playing their music often.  Their self-titled debut album is mostly melodic and jamming rural country numbers that are okay, but a few tracks on this album have a proggier, more organ-driven flavor.  And it's these types of songs I wish they would have explored more.  This isn't a great album or a must-own, but overall I quite enjoyed it.  Both the softer and the meatier.  I don't think the "Jake Jones" album is rare or anything like that...but I sure don't see it very often.

There's not a lot of information floating in the clouds about the band other than being from St. Louis and releasing two albums.  But member Phil Jost went on to become the assistant to Producer/Engineer Ken Scott who worked with Supertramp and David Bowie just to cherry-pick a few.  And Phil was also a member of Missing Persons for a short time.

Favorites include the lightly prog-seasoned “Breathe Deep” and “I'll Be Seeing You.”  The song "Trippin' Down A Country Road" has a nice feel-good vibe.  Overall, "Jake Jones" feels like an AOR album.  Well played but lost in the deck.

"Jake Jones" (back)

"Jake Jones" (sample copy sticker - back)

KAPP company sleeve

KAPP Records label (w/WJFR radio stamp)

  Cat #
KS-3648 / KS 3648
DB  KS-3648-A  T1  211
DB  KS-3648-B  T1  2

"I"ll Be Seeing You" - Jake Jones / "Jake Jones" (1971)

A1  "Ill-Mo Junction" 3:34
A2  "Trippin' Down A Country Road" 4:25
A3  "Mirrored Door" 2:02
A4  "She Must Be Free" 4:19
A5  "In All My Dreams" 4:22
B1  "Breathe Deep" 4:04
B2  "Lost In My Own Back Yard" 3:30
B3  "Feathered Bed" 3:00
B4  "Catch The Wind" 3:05
B5  "I'll Be Seeing You" 4:48

Chuck Sabatino - vocals, flute, recorder
Phil Jost - organ, piano, vocals, sax, accordion, chimes, guitar
Joey Marshall - electric & acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar
Mike Krenski - bass, vocals
James Ovid Bilderback - percussion

Good stuff.

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