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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Funk-Off (sic) 1966-1967" - Terry Knight and the Pack (1973)

"Funk Off (sic) 1966-1967" - Terry Knight and the Pack (1973)
Prior to Grand Funk Railroad...Don Brewer and Mark Farner were rocking the garage with Terry Knight and the Pack.  "Funk-Off (sic) 1966-1967" is a two-record gatefold compilation of most of the band's output and it's a solid spin.  Really good.  The album is filled with catchy garage rockers and folk-rockers.   Some with tasty fuzz burns and a few with some light psych dust.  The few cover songs the band tackle do no damage.  All are very well done and high bar.  Terry Knight and the Pack had only one charting single nationally..."I (Who Have Nothing)"...a song obviously meant for pop radio ears, and is also included on this comp.  Terry Knight and the Pack released two studio albums before closing up shop.  Don Brewer and Mark Farner went on to form the classic thunder-shaking Grand Funk Railroad and Terry Knight became the band's manager.

Favorites are "Numbers"...a real fuzz-burner with a curled lip.  The covers "Satisfaction" and "Mister, You're A Better Man Than I" are both meaty and beaty.  "Sleep Talking" is all attitude and atmosphere.  A bit of a gem.  "A Change On The Way" an excellent floaty, vibe-driven song of hope and very much of its time

"Funk-Off (sic) 1966-1967" (back)

The "Funk-Off..." compilation is not an expensive album, but it is becoming a harder biscuit to find.  I bundled this album and managed to take it home for a good price.  If you're lucky to stumble on this one...pick it up.  Good stuff.

"Funk-Off (sic) 1966-1967)" (inside gatefold)

ABKCO label

AB 4217
AB-1-4217-1E  KC563023919  STERLING LH 2  2S
AB-2-4217-1F  STERLING LH 3  1
AB-3-4217-1E  KC563023919  STERLING LH 2  2
AB-4-4217-1E  STERLING LH 2T  1 

"Sleep Talking" - Terry Knight and the Pack / "Funk-Off (sic) 1966-1967" (1973)

A1  "Satisfaction" 3:59
A2  "Dimestore Debutante" 4:16
A3  "The Shut In" 3:34
A4  "I've Been Told" 2:40
A5  "Numbers" 2:26
B1  "Got Love" 3:11
B2  "Lady Jane" 2:55
B3  "Sleep Talking" 2:58
B4  "Love Goddess Of Sunset Strip" 3:32
B5  "Dirty Lady" 3:12
C1  "I (Who Have Nothing)" 3:22
C2  "Lizabeth Peach" 2:31
C3  "Forever And A Day" 2:58
C4  "He's A Bad Boy" 2:38
C5  "Mister You're A Better Man Than I" 2:52
D1  "Love Love Love" 2:52
D2  "This Precious Time" 2:48
D3  "Lovin Kind" 2:58
D4  "Come With Me" 2:37
D5  "A Change On The Way" 3:49
D6  "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" 2:38

Terry Knight – vocals, piano, harpsichord, harmonica
Bob Caldwell – organ, bells, vocals
Curt Johnson – guitar, vocals
Herm Jackson - bass
Mark Farner – bass, guitar
Don Brewer – drums, percussion, vocals

Good stuff.


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