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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Born To Be Wild" - Kim Fowley (1968) Review

"Born To Be Wild" - Kim Fowley (1968)

Kim Fowley offers up a cash-in album covering a few popular songs in a very organ-driven...soul-rock 60s flavor.  All are instrumentals and are much better than one might expect. (Word is that this album only took four hours to record.)  There's a little fuzz here and there...and occasional horns show their head and together with the organ give a pretty full and enjoyable listen.  The album tries to flirt with psych, but in vibe only.  Like when girls are dancing inside hanging cages and Joe Friday from Dragnet walks in.  The music is groovy, but nothing even close to dangerous.  In fact, this is probably Kim Fowley's most behaved record ever.

Most already know Fowley as the infamous manager of The Runaways, but he also wrote many songs for a wide range of artists from Kiss to Kris Kristofferson.  Unfortunately, he became a legend in the Rock world for as many bad reasons as good.  Google him if you want to go down a rabbit hole. 

As for "Born To Be Wild"...the album is pretty good for what it is, and better than most cash-ins that were flooding the market.  Nice to spin in the background.  Favorites (and there aren't really any stand-outs) are "I Can't Stop Dancing"..."Savage In The Sun" and "Sunshine Of Your Love."  

"Born To Be Wild" (back)

Imperial Records

LP 12413
o  LP 12413  SIDE 1 - 1B  Ⓡ
LP 12413  SIDE 2 - 1A   Ⓡ o  

"Sunshine Of Your Love" - Kim Fowley / "Born To Be Wild" (1968)

A1  "Born to Be Wild" 2:45
A2  "I Can't Stop Dancing" 2:05
A3  "Shake a Lady" 2:10
A4  "Hello I Love You" 2:05
A5  "Soul Limbo" 2:45
A6  "Space Odyssey" 2:45
B1  "Wild Weekend" 2:25
B2  "Pictures of Matchstick Men" 3:00
B3  "Savage in the Sun" 2:45
B4  "Sunshine of Your Love" 2:30
B5  "Classical Gas" 2:25
B6  "Fresno, 1963" 2:30

Kim Fowley - organ, guitar
Others - uncredited

Good stuff.

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