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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Head Shop" - The Head Shop (1969)


"The Head Shop" - The Head Shop (1969)

There is no feint, duck, or dodge here.  The Head Shop, from the state of New York, offers up psych-rock with some of the heavy stuff thrown in for good measure.  And it is a lot of fun.  The album includes six original fuzz burners...all fighting for purchase.  And three cover songs that are various degrees of all right and better than I expected.  Two of them are Beatle songs, and though I'm not a fan of Fab Four covers, The Head Shop does try to be creative.  The best of the two is their take on “Revolution” making the song sound like a chainsaw cutting through the speakers. The third cover is a remake of the groovy Bobby Webb hit..."Sunny.”  Here, the band turns it into something a little more ominous.

But it's the originals you want to spin.  The closing track..."Infinity" is the trippiest of the bunch driving the listener into a magic bullet.  Also, the late and great jazz guitarist Larry Coryell makes a sweet appearance with The Head Shop ripping off some tasty guitar on "I Feel Love Comin' On."  Other favorites are the kinda spooky “Listen With A Third Ear" and the jamming opener..."Head Shop."  

If you look closely at the front album cover, there are small numbers and letters on several of the many beaucoup cubes.  If any of this means anything, hit me up...'cause I missed it.  The album is becoming high dollar but I got a pretty good deal on this puppy because of some writing at the top of the album cover.  I don't think it looks too intrusive.  There is also a red stamp on the back.  It's barely legible and looks like this album might have been a radio station copy.  This was The Head Shop's only album and has yet to be reissued.

"The Head Shop" (back)

Epic sleeve

Epic label

o  XSB150402-1A  1  CA  .I.  
o  XSB150403-1D  4A

"I Feel Love Comin' On" - The Head Shop / "The Head Shop" (1969)  

A1  "Head Shop" 2:56
A2  "Heaven Here We Come" 2:40
A3  "Sunny" 3:11
A4  "Listen With A Third Ear" 2:30
A5  "Opera In The Year 4000 (Where Have All The People Gone / Yesterday)" 4:25
B1  "Revolution" 2:28
B2  "I Feel Love Comin' On" 6:20
B3  "Prophecy" 2:17
B4  "Infinity" 4:45

Joe Siano - vocals
Danny Prosseda - guitar, fuzz bass (A2)
Drew Sbordone - bass
Jesse Luca - drums, percussion
Milan - screams
Geoff Wright - Hammond, Farfisa Organ, fuzz bass (B1, B2)
Maxim, Violin (B3)
Larry Coryell - 2nd guitar solo (B2)

Good stuff.


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