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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Love Chronicles" - Al Stewart (1969)

"Love Chronicles" - Al Stewart (1969)

Looking a little bit like Michael Cera on the cover, Al Stewart's 2nd album "Love Chronicles" is a nice surprise and much better than I expected.  All six songs have good folk-rock melodies with occasional bites of electric guitar keeping the listener alert.  In fact, the musicianship on this album is high-caliber.  And no wonder.  Stewart's backing band had Led Zeppelin mates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones lending a hand. (Although Jones is uncredited on the album.)  Plus Richard Thompson and other Fairport Convention mugs fill in as well.  The album is an interesting pickup just for this reason alone, but it's extra bonus for being a really good spin.

Favorites are “In Brooklyn” and "Life And Life Only."  And the 18-minute title track..."Love Chronicles"  on side two is especially cool...with Page laying down electric swag between Al's confessional love verses.  The song is really good, if not a bit diary-like in the telling.  Entertaining and certainly nothing to get hung about.  The album can be found for cheap, too.  Maybe because sellers are unaware of the musicians playing here.  My album is a very early 70s UK copy on an unusual CBS label and I couldn't have paid more than $5 or $6 for it.  I like this one better than his signature "Year Of The Cat" and that one was my favorite.  When you see it, grab it.

"Love Chronicles" (back)

"Love Chronicles" (inside gatefold)

CBS label

SBPG  63460  A2  KT
SBPG  63460  B2  __C7  KT

"Life And Life Only" - Al Stewart / "Love Chronicles" (1969)

A1  "In Brooklyn" 3:36
A2  "Old Compton Street Blues" 4:15
A3  "The Ballad of Mary Foster" 7:50
A4  "Life and Life Only" 5:43
B1  "You Should Have Listened to Al" 2:56
B2  "Love Chronicles" 17:55

Al Stewart - vocals, guitar
Jimmy Page - guitar
Simon Breckenridge (Simon Nicol) - guitar
Mervyn Prestwyck (Richard Thompson) - guitar
Brian Brocklehurst - bass
Brian Odgers - bass
Ashley Hutchings - bass
Harvey Burns - drums
Martyn Francis (Martin Lamble) - drums
John Paul Jones - bass (uncredited)

Good stuff.


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