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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Clear Light" - Clear Light (1967)

"Clear Light" - Clear Light (1967)

Clear Light was a one-shot psych-rock band out of L.A.  There are mixtures of fuzz and organ on here with occasional jangle all in fair doses.  Nothing too out there, but lysergic moments abound.  Most of the songs are short...under 3 minutes...and the variety is pretty entertaining.  Clear Light made their own noise, but have been called a poor man's Love and a can of Doors light.  Me, I can't hear much of either.  However, Clear Light's producer, Paul Rothchild, was also working with those two bands.  This is not a must-own album, but it's not a bad spin at all.  There are no duds and certainly more to like than not.

The group also sported a couple of members that played in other well-known bands.  Bassist Doug Lubahn played on early Doors albums.  And Dallas Taylor went on to bang the drum for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  Lead singer Cliff DeYoung became an actor and has appeared in more than 80 films and TV shows.  

My favorites are "Night Sounds Loud" and the fuzzed-up "Street Singer."  And the longest track at 6+ minutes, the psyched-up version of the folk song..."Mr. Blue"...written by Tom Paxton.  The song became an underground radio favorite for the band.

My copy is an early 70s press that I found at Spektrum.  It had a $10 sticker with a note saying 'Record has slight warp...but plays fine."  When I gave it a spin, there was hardly a lift in the needle at all.  And, like they said, the record did play perfectly fine.  I appreciate it when record stores like Spektrum mention any possible issues.  That's good business!  This album has recently been reissued by Sundazed Music.

"Clear Light" (back)

Elektra (butterfly) label

EKS- [ 74011 stamped ]  A-1B
0  EK S- [ 74011 stamped ]  B-1A  1  C6

"Night Sounds Loud" - Clear Light / "Clear Light" (1967)

A1  "Black Roses" 2:08
A2  "Sand" 2:37
A3  "A Child's Smile" 1:33
A4  "Street Singer" 3:15
A5  "The Ballad of Freddie & Larry" 2:00
A6  "With All In Mind" 3:00
B1  "Mr. Blue" 6:24
B2  "Think Again" 1:37
B3  "They Who Have Nothing" 2:33
B4  "How Many Days Have Passed" 2:20
B5  "Night Sounds Loud" 2:25

Cliff De Young  -  vocals
Bob Seal  -  guitar, vocals
Douglas Lubahn  -  bass
Ralph Schuckett  -  keyboards
Dallas Taylor  -  drums
Michael Ney  -  drums

Good stuff.


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