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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Autosalvage" - Autosalvage (1968)

"Autosalvage" - Autosalvage (1968)

The lone album from Autosalvage is really enjoyable psych-rock.  And an album that's kind of hard to pin down.  Different musical genres show up here.  Garage slips into blues-rock slips into folk-rock with everything dusted in psych.  You would think that an amalgam of musical styles like this would be jarring, but the changes are sneaky and smooth as butter.  And everything works.  There are nice vocals and unique melodies to be found here, too.  Mind-bubble lyrics.  Freaky time changes.  Unusual chord choices.  Noisy, sometimes jangly guitars.  A little fuzz.  A little tape-manipulation.  Unexpected sounds.  There may be a wee smidgen of Byrds or Beatles hiding deep in the shadows, but this is all Autosalvage.  The playing is tight.  Fresh and fearless.  This is a psych album in every way.  Autosalvage ...that little ol' band from New York...recorded a pretty tasty bearclaw.   And one that gets better with every needle drop.

Favorites include "A Hundred Days"...with its groovy aura that has a timeless feel and a song The Jayhawks might have listened to once.  There are two medleys on this album.  I especially like the closing medley "The Great Brain Robbery" / "Glimpses of the Next World's World."   And the nearly 6-minute opening title track with its female introduction is a great way to shake hands with the band.  They used to open for Frank Zappa and when he heard them play this song suggested they change their name from The Northern Lights to Autosalvage.  And so they did.  This is a good psych album that has a few surprises.  I'm glad I finally own it.  This original copy set me back $24 shipped.  Turn it up!

"Autosalvage" (back)

RCA Victor label

RCA sleeve

"A Hundred Days" - Autosalvage / "Autosalvage" (1968)

A1  "Auto Salvage" 5:37
A2  "Burglar Song" 2:20
A3  "Rampant Generalities" 3:10
A4  "Medley" 6:30
           a) "Our Life as We Lived It"
           b) "Good Morning Blues"
B1  "Ancestral Wants" 3:50
B2  "A Hundred Days" 2:15
B3  "Land of Their Dreams" 3:07
B4  "Parahighway" 2:35
B5  "Medley" 5:15
           a) "The Great Brain Robbery"
           b) "Glimpses of the Next World's World"

Thomas Donaher - vocals, guitar
Skip Boone - bass, piano
Rick Turner - guitar, banjo
Darius Davenport - vocals, drums, keyboards, bass

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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