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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Rudy Love & The Love Family" (1976)

"Rudy Love & The Love Family" - Rudy Love & The Love Family (1976)

Soulified and funkified and certified to satisfy.  Rudy Love has a warm voice that, at times, recalls the timbre of Sly Stone and yet is his very own.  His arrangements are smart with no discount and allow room for the rest of "The Family" to get their funk on.  The album is not a masterpiece, but it shines way more than shades and is a soulful and funky square that very much holds its own.  “Ain't Nuthin' Spooky” opens the album and grooves the schnikey outta the needle.  Great vocals all around, as well.  The slinky "Does Your Mama Know" takes it to the house and the lost gem closing track..."Come Back Home" answers the final bell nicely.  Funky and urgent.

Rudy Love and The Love Family hail from Wichita, KS...and I can remember hearing stories about how people in the 70s would rush to a club when learning Rudy was playing in town.  And how Rudy would sometimes just slip into a club unannounced and perform late into the night for those lucky enough to be inside.  He never became "big" big...but he broke bread with Sly Stone for about 10 years which is very cool...and a story for another time, I'm sure.  Recently, a documentary has been making the rounds that I have yet to see..."This Is Love"... about Rudy and the Love Family and has been widening the appreciation for this guy everywhere it is shown.  Rudy refers to the film as a Funkumentary...and that's good enough for me.

"Rudy Love & The Love Family" (back)

Calla Records

"Come Back Home" - Rudy Love And The Love Family (1976)

A1  "Ain't Nuthin' Spooky" 4:55
A2  "Disco Queen (Instr)" 4:27
A3  "My Imagination" 6:35
A4  "Shake Your Tail Feathers" 3:53
B1  "Does Your Mama Know" 3:31  
B2  "Love Electricity" 3:27
B3  "Disco Queen (Vocal)" 4:32
B4  "She's My Sister" 3:30
B5  "Come Back Home" 5:47


Rudy Love - vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Tyree Judy - lead guitar
Blood, Tony Matthews, KJ Love - guitar
Willie Week, Robert Popwell, S. Johnson, Z. Phillip - bass
Larry Faucette - l bass
Gerald Love, B. Miles, J. Godson - drums
N. Morgan, E. Van Treece - keyboards
Carlos, Shamseu - congas
M. Jurnegen - sax solo
A. Worfolk - horn solo
Peggy Love, Denise Love, Shirley Love, Ace Love, Robert Love - vocals
C. Walker, L. Allen, A. Summer, H. Channel - vocals

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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