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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Smooth Ball" - T.I.M.E. (1969)

"Smooth Ball" - T.I.M.E (1969)

"Smooth Ball" was T.I.M.E.'s second (and last) album and it's a solid mix of acid and bluesy psych-rock.  There's not a lot of information about T.I.M.E., although their bassist Richard Tepp was a part of Richard and the Young Lions.  And Larry Byrom, who went on to play guitar with Steppenwolf and Neil Young and then later became a sought after session player in Nashville.  Almost all the songs from "Smooth Ball" have some tasty, sometimes aggressive, fuzzed-out guitars that we all like and the vocals are quite good.  The album opens with "Preparation G"...a great psyched-out instrumental that sets the table nicely.   The 10-min. acid psych jam...“Morning Come” and the slinky..."I Think You'd Cry" are both killer.  Strangely, I could find no credit for the Hammond, but it's perfect.  And the floaty "See Me as I Am" is a sneaky good psych biscuit.

I thought T.I.M.E. was the band's name...and it is, but it's also the acronym for TRUST IN MEN EVERYWHERE.  Yeah, pretty lame.  I couldn't help but try coming up with better words for the acronym.  I mean they were a psych band after all.  How 'bout...THE INNER MIND'S EYE.  Or THE INDEPENDENT MUSIC EXPERIMENT.  Both would have made a more compelling name.  Hell, even TONY IOMMI MAKES EGGS would have been better!  But, it is what it is.  So be it.  Don't let the name deter you from picking this album up.  "Smooth Ball" is a fun and entertaining spin.  My copy was once owned by RODA (see above) and I can think of a pretty good acronym for that one, too.  This was an eBay "make-offer" purchase for $15 shipped.

"Smooth Ball" (back)

"Smooth Ball" (inside gatefold)

Liberty label

"I Think You'd Cry" - T.I.M.E / "Smooth Ball" (1969)

A1  "Preparation G" 0:53
A2  "Leavin' My Home" 3:09
A3  "See Me as I Am" 5:49
A4  "I Think You'd Cry" 4:23
A5  "I'll Write a Song" 4:20
B1  "Lazy Day Blues" 1:45
B2  "Do You Feel It" 2:32
B3  "Flowers" 2:40
B4  "Morning Come" 9:59
B5  "Trust in Men Everywhere" 5:05

Bill Richardson - vocals, guitars
Larry Byrom - vocals, guitars
Richard Tepp - bass
Pat Couchois - drums

Good stuff.

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