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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Goodthunder" - Goodthunder (1972)

"Goodthunder" - Goodthunder (1972)

This self-titled album is filled with 70s hard rock dipped in some prog.  The vocals are really good and there is a wicked-smart balance between guitars and Hammond that are grin-makers.  Goodthunder doesn't really establish any new ground here, but they do sound like they've been chewing the same dirt as very early Deep Purple and Wishbone Ash.  The best parts.  And I love the prog breaks and the way they seamlessly feed the head without being rude.  This was Goodthunder's only cake, but the band sounds like they were ready to take names.  Crank-ready!  This was a blind purchase I made at a local swapmeet in March.  I wanted to leave with something and I"d never seen this one in the wild before.  Plus it was on the Elektra label so I took the blind-buy plunge.

Favorite tracks are "Barking At The Ants" that closes the album.  It rocks and burns with guitars and keyboards fighting for purchase.  "I Can't Get Thru to You" is a locomotive and a great way to open this square.  And at nearly 7 minutes, "P. O.W"  is their epic cannon, a gentle beginning that evolves into something much heavier and with a light psych dusting added to the mix.  The keyboard, guitars, and drums each come to the front and along with the vocal's a nice mind-journey.  You can find Goodthunder under the $20 mark and it's a good pickup for that price.

"Goodthunder" (back)

Elektra label

"Goodthunder" (lyrics insert front)

"Goodthunder" (lyrics insert back)

"I Can't Get Thru To You" - Goodthunder / "Goodthunder" (1972)

A1  "I Can't Get Thru To You" 3:18
A2  "For A Breath" 5:35
A3  "Moonship" 2:46
A4  "Home Again" 6:48
B1  "Sentries" 2:36
B2  "P.O.W." 6:50
B3  "Rollin' Up My Mind" 4:11
B4  "Barking At The Ants" 6:39

James Cahoon Lindsay - vocals, percussion
John Desautels - drums
David Hanson - guitars, vocals
Bill Rhodes - bass
Wayne Cook - keyboards

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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