TCCDM Dig and Flip: "Custer" by Larry McMurtry (2012)

"Custer" by Larry McMurtry
Hardcover, 178 pages

The book "Custer" is a short biography about Gen. George Armstrong Custer and the players and events leading up to the historic battle at Little Big Horn in 1876.  There are plenty of photographs and illustrations included to connect the faces and places and this really adds to the time-travel mind-experience.  Best of all, for a coffee-table book, Larry McMurtry provides us with a very readable biography.  Experts on this subject will doubtlessly discover nothing new, but for lay-folks like myself, it was a revelation.  McMurtry does recommend a few books much better than his for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the subject.  But here, he simply gives us an interesting overview of the General and the goings-on during those tumultuous times in our country's history.  "Custer" is for readers who want to start with a light meal, rather than have a full course.  McMurtry gives us a fast and fascinating read and it satisfied an itch I didn't even know I had.

"Infinite Sun" - Kula Shaker / "K 2.0" (2016)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers


Unknown said…
To my new STRAT friend: If you want to really learn about CUSTER and INDIANS I would recommend the following reads:
KILLING CUSTER by James Welch - THE LAST STAND by Nathaniel Philbrick - A TERRIBLE GLORY by James Donovan - SON OF THE MORNING STAR by Evan S Connell - and BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE by Dee Brown.
—Nick Varveris (
Casey said…
Methinks you have a bit of "the history bug" running through your brains, my friend. Thanks so much for sharing these books. Noted!

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