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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Space Ritual" - Hawkwind (1973)

"Space Ritual" - Hawkwind (1973)

If this is space rock, I'll take all of it you got!  This is so good.  But you already knew that.  As for me, I just listened to it for the first time a few weeks ago.  Lord have mercy.  "Space Ritual" was Hawkwind's 4th album, an incredible live double album that was recorded in London.  Everything on here is a force to be reckoned with.  There's plenty of head-spinning sounds from insane sax to the spacey oscillating whatever-it-is.  And the energy from the beloved bassist known as Lemmy drives the ship with his crazy and exciting bass runs.  I even enjoyed the short spoken poetry breaks.  I know it sounds lame, but the spoken poetry actually throws an almost portent vibe into the kettle that allows the listener to catch their head before it segues back into the music.  And it does that surprisingly well.  It all makes for a wonderful space-metal-psychedelic vacation.

"Space Ritual" (back)

The "Space Ritual" album cover is also very cool having a gimmx six-fold panel that opens up to display interesting and trippy pictures.  My favorite songs on this anyway...are “Orgone Accumulator”...“Lord of Light”...and “Master of the Universe.”  My copy has a thumb-size tear at the top-right, but the seller made allowances for that snafu and gave me a pretty good deal.  The vinyl is nice and clean, so I'm cool.  "Space Ritual” is starting to go high dollar for a cheapskate like me, so I was glad to find this one.  And it's one of my 10 favorite finds from last year.  I'll never part with it.

"Space Ritual" (inside tri-fold)

"Space Ritual" (inside unfolded)

United Artists Records label

UA sleeve

"Lord of Light" - Hawkwind / "Space Ritual" (1973)

A1  "Earth Calling" 1:46
A2  "Born to Go"  9:56
A3  "Down Through the Night" 6:16
A4  "The Awakening" 1:32
B1  "Lord of Light" 7:21
B2  "The Black Corridor" 1:51
B3  "Space Is Deep" 8:13
B4  "Electronic No. 1" 2:26
C1  "Orgone Accumulator" 9:59
C2  "Upside Down" 2:43
C3  "10 Seconds of Forever" 2:05
C4  "Brainstorm" 9:20
D1  "7 by 7" 6:13
D2  "Sonic Attack" 2:54
D3  "Time We Left This World Today" 5:47
D4  "Master of the Universe" 7:37
D5  "Welcome to the Future" 2:03

Dave Brock - guitar, vocals
Nik Turner - saxophone, flute, vocals
Lemmy (Ian Kilmister) - bass, vocals
Dik Mik (Michael Davies) - audio generator, electronics
Del Dettmar - synthesizer
Simon King - drums
Robert "Bob" Calvert - poetry, vocals ("poet and swazzle" on album credits)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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