TCCDM Dig and Flip: "The Snowman" (2010)

This novel is a mystery/thriller about a serial killer who targets certain women and leaves behind a freshly built snowman at the scene of each murder.  Often with the snowman facing, not toward the street...but toward the victim's room.  What a very disturbing idea.  Our protagonist is a police detective named...Harry Hole.  I snickered like a 9-year-old when I first read it, too.  Harry's good at what he does but he's been damaged by alcoholism, divorce, and life in general.

I really dig Jo Nesbo's noirish writing style.  The story moves along quickly with plenty of plot twists and ducks to keep everything edgy.  And the author plays fair with the clues, which is always cool.  Clues are scattered here and there and help thread the needle, but thankfully, not too easily.  This was book #7 in Jo Nesbo's..."Harry Hole" series.  I believe each story is "stand-alone", but correct me if I'm wrong.  "The Snowman" was all good, but for a few of the Norwegian names that caused me to trip over my tonsils.  I got over it.  You will, too.

"Snowblind" - Ace Frehley / "Ace Frehley" (1978)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers


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