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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Hooked" (1968)

"Hooked" - The Hook (1968)

"Hooked" is a hard and funky blues-rock album with tasty fuzz and churning organ.  At times, the music has a kind of Grand Funk vibe, not nearly as heavy, but with more psych-minded intent.  The needle drops on an excellent funky hard rock opener..."Go" and pretty much sets the table for what to expect.  "You're Lookin' Fine" is a solid Kinks cover that's faster and builds into a really good fuzz outro.

The psych-dusted "Hook Can Cook" is fun and funky.  But it's "Son Of Fantasy II" ...the last track on side one that punches the clock.  Just an excellent psych-rock biscuit.  There are a couple of tracks that sound very much like a 45 looking for a radio, and even those are nicely done.  The Hook was a California band founded by guitarist Bob Arlin...formerly of The Leaves.  The band also sported keyboardist Danny Provisor from The Grass Roots.  This turned out to be The Hook's last album. Don't dig deep in your pocket, but if you find it flying under $'s a nice pick-up.

"Hooked" (back)

"Hooked" (inside gatefold)

Uni label

"Son Of Fantasy II" - The Hook / "Hooked (1968) 

A1  "Go"  3:10
A2  "You're Lookin' Fine"  3:50
A3  "There's Magic In The Air"  2:20
A4  "Son Of Fantasy II"  6:00
B1  "Hook Can Cook"  3:07
B2  "Love Theme In E Major"  2:10
B3  "A Beautiful Tomorrow"  2:21
B4  "You Need People"  3:30
B5  "All Around The World"  3:17
B6  "You Don't Have To Stay"  2:42

Bobby Arlin - guitar, vocals, producer
Buddy Sklar - bass, vocals, producer
Dale Loyola - drums, vocals
Dennis Provisor - organ, vocals

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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