Thursday, April 9, 2020

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Grease Band" (1971)

"Grease Band" - The Grease Band (1971)

This was Joe Cocker's backing band from the UK making some rootsy, bluesy, country-rock music.  The album pretty much tanked, but it was not for lack of talent.  Henry McCullough was a member of Wings and Spooky Tooth.  Alan Spenner was in Spooky Tooth.  And former Juicy Lucy bassist Neil Hubbard sounds just fine.  Everything has a Robbie Robertson / Levon Helm attitude which is not a bad thing.  But nothing really stands out, either.  I enjoyed "Let It Be Gone" and "Willie and the Pig."   And "Down Home for Momma" was really nice, sounding a little like an early solo McCartney song.  Part of it.  Anyway, this one could be a grower.  We'll see.

This was a $3 dollar purchase, but the truth is, I thought I was picking up the Hampton Grease Band which is a totally, TOTALLY different doughnut.  I just couldn't remember the right name.  So this album...The Grease Band...was what I picked up.  Whoops!  My copy has the letter R inked on the front cover.  Curiously, it is Henry McCullough's voice speaking the words "I don't know; I was really drunk at the time" on Pink Floyd's "DSotM" album.  How 'bout that?!

"Grease Band" (back)

"Grease Band" (inside gatefold)

Shelter Records label

"Let It Be Gone" - The Grease Band / "Grease Band" (1971)

A1  "My Baby Left Me"  3:06
A2  "Mistake No Doubt"  4:20
A3  "Let It Be Gone"  4:30
A4  "Willie and the Pig"  4:13
A5  "Laughed at the Judge"  5:30
B1  "All I Wanna Do"  3:58
B2  "To the Lord"  4:18
B3  "Jessie James"  4:50
B4  "Down Home for Momma"  6:24
B5  "The Visitor"  2:37

Henry McCullough – guitar, vocals
Neil Hubbard – guitar, b-vocals
Alan Spenner – bass, vocals
Bruce Rowland – drums, percussions, b-vocals
Phil 'Harmonious' Plonk - keyboards 

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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