Wednesday, March 18, 2020

TCCDM Dig and Flip: "Batman: The Black Glove" (2008)

"Batman: The Black Glove"
Grant Morrison, J.H. Williams III  /  Tony S. Daniel (Illustrator)
DC Comics (2008)
176 pages

(I stumbled upon a good-sized box filled with a variety of graphic novels at an estate sale. No official count as I've just been pulling from the box when I find time to read one.  Afterward, I post the book and go from there.)

We are presented with two stories.  The first story is a murder mystery about an invitation-only meetup amongst a variety of lesser-known superheroes and the big kahuna himself,...Batman.  It has a familiar...“one of us here is a murderer”...who-dun-it rhythm.  Very nostalgic and a lot of fun to flip.

However, the second tale was a bit disappointing.  The artwork was nicely done, but the story finds Bruce Wayne dining with a young socialite mixed-up with a fustercluck of flashbacks and maybe/maybe-nots.  I never was quite sure what was going on.  It all felt rushed and confusing.  But that's just me.  YMMV.  Now go wash your hands.

"Fist In Glove" - Golden Earring / "N.E.W.S." (1984)

Good stuff.

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