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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Blades Of Grass Are Not For Smoking" (1967)

"The Blades Of Grass Are Not For Smoking" - The Blades Of Grass (1967)

Occasionally, a person needs to be reminded just how wonderful sunshine pop can be.  Especially when it's dusted in psych and shaded in baroque colors.  And this is the really good stuff.  Nothing cheap.  The Blades Of Grass harmonies are great and there is an overall cleverness going on that belies the band members ages.  All just high school guys from New Jersey...honing their craft while tossing books in their lockers.  Session musicians were brought in, for sure, but they bring out the band's natural moxie without losing them in the shuffle.  In other words, great flavoring for the stew.

For sunshine stuff, this album is solid front to back with a maturity that is arguably better than some of the more recognizable albums from this era.  “Happy” was their big ("cough, cough") hit, but it’s the other songs on this sunshine square that make it worth your time.  This record still flies under-the-radar and can be had fairly low-dollar.  If you have any interest at all in good sunshine pop...The Blades Of Grass offer low-risk/high reward on this...their only album.  On a side-note:  There is a fantastic Beatle cover to be found here.  I'm a hard person to please when it comes to Beatle covers.  Just don't care for most of them.  But the band put a unique spin on the song without it...vanishing in the haze.  I mean if you're going to cover a Beatle something with it or why bother, right?  Anyway, The Blades Of Grass were some risk-takers.  And good for them.

"The Blades Of Grass Are Not For Smoking" (back)

Jubilee label

"Or Is It The Rain" - The Blades of Grass / "The Blades Of Grass Are Not For Smoking" (1967)

A1  "Happy" 2:20
A2  "Just Ah"  2:28
A3  "Help"  2:41
A4  "The Way You'll Never Be" 2:49
A5  "You Won't Find That Girl" 2:15
A6  "Leap Into the Arms of Love" 2:39
B1  "Just Another Face" 2:36
B2  "Or Is It the Rain" 2:26
B3  "Walk Away Renee" 2:31
B4  "That's What a Boy Likes" 2:46
B5  "Tomorrow Is My Turn" 2:25
B6  "Satin Slipper" 2:00

Bruce Ames - rhythm guitar, vocals
David Gordon - drums, organ
Frank DiChiara - bass, vocals
Marc Black - lead guitar, vocals

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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