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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Rainbow Rising" (1976)

"Rainbow Rising" - Rainbow (1976)

I'm not the biggest fan of Rainbow.  I mean I don't dislike them.  I don't change the channel when they come on the radio or anything.  But I don't go out of my way either.  That's just me.  Except when it comes to their 1976 "Rainbow Rising" album.  This monster was a "one-shot" super lineup and they killed it.  And it's my 'go-to' album when I need a heavy dose of DioRitchie Blackmore's guitar sounds possessed.  A young and much-needed Tony Carey really punches up the keyboards.  Nice fills and heavy flares.  And Jimmy Bain and Cozy Powell hold everything together underneath.  But it's Ronnie James Dio that delivers the mail and he never sounded better.  Only six songs, but it satisfies that itch.  I just love it.  From needle drop to label,  “Rainbow Rising” is a smoking gem, and yet still is a bit of an under-appreciated spin.

"Rainbow Rising" (back)
(bottom tear not included)

Now somewhere down that heavily-traveled RnR road, Ronnie James Dio almost became a parody of himself. (And I'm not knockin' him, God rest his soul.  He was just that good.)  But on this bad puppy, Dio, along with the rest of the band, sound fresh outta the box.  Empowered and hungry and ready to crash walls.  And as great as RJD's classic “Heaven and Hell" years were and some of his solo stuff was, "Rainbow Rising" is the album that truly hooked the elusive studio ring.  If you're unfamiliar with Rainbow.  Or just need a reminder of the Wizard, that is Dio...this is where I suggest getting your ticket punched.

"Rainbow Rising" (inside gatefold)

Oyster / Polydor label

"A Light in the Black" - Rainbow / "Rainbow Rising" (1976)

A1  "Tarot Woman" 6:11
A2  "Run With the Wolf "3:48
A3  "Starstruck" 4:06
A4  "Do You Close Your Eyes" 2:58
B1  "Stargazer" 8:28
B2  "A Light in the Black" 8:12

Ronnie James Dio - vocals
Ritchie Blackmore - guitar
Tony Carey - keyboards
Jimmy Bain - bass
Cozy Powell - drums

Good stuff.

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