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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Some Tough City" - Tony Carey (1984)

"Some Tough City" - Tony Carey (1984)

Tony Carey held more than his own while with Rainbow.  Check out "Tarot Woman" from their killer album, "Rising" (1976) for a refresher.   And his Planet P Project albums have always been an under-appreciated prog dip.  And this, Carey's third solo album, is another satisfying offering.  This time a bit of AOR pop-rock.  Each song filled with street characters who seem to always pull the short straw.  Those people living lives defined by a whole lot of “just abouts & almosts.”  Carey observes and reports with a songwriter's heart.  Think Mellencamp with a keyboard.

This isn't a five star must own, by any means, but it is a pretty good album and that's from someone who usually doesn’t trip easily on the 80s stuff.  I had already fallen in love with Tony Carey's classic radio songs...”A Fine Fine Day” and “First Day of Summer” both on this album.  Both absolute pop-rock gems.  But the title track is another fine catch, as is the rocking...“Eddie Goes Underground."  "Tinseltown” also burns.  I'm just cherry-picking now but I could easily toss in a few more.  The album can be found for change and though this isn't the kind of album I usually gravitate toward...there is a lot of pleasure to be found here

"Some Tough City" (back)

MCA Records label

"Some Tough City" (front sleeve)

"Some Tough City" (back sleeve)

"A Fine Fine Day" - Tony Carey / "Some Tough City" (1984)

A1  "A Fine Fine Day" 4:24
A2  "A Lonely Life" 4:17
A3  "Eddie Goes Underground" 4:14
A4  "The First Day of Summer" 3:45
A5  "Reach Out" 3:11
B1  "Tinseltown" 4:51
B2  "Hungry" 4:30
B3  "I Can Stop the Rain" 3:22
B4  "Some Tough City" 4:38
B5  "She Can Bring Me Love" 4:46

Tony Carey - vocals, b-vocals, keyboards, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion, Vocoder
Drums – Fritz Matzka
Johan Daansen, Reinhard Besser, Robbie Musenbichler - guitar [solos]

Good stuff.

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