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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Psych-Out" Soundtrack (1968)

"Psych-Out" - (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1968)

"Psych-Out" was one of many psychsploitation, drugsploitation soundtracks that seemed to flood the market in the late 60s/early 70s.  A few of them were pretty good.. others not so much.  They were all quick cash-ins.  And to that end, "Psych-Out" is one of the better offerings.  The big hitters on the album are Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Seeds.  One of the songs being the 8-plus minute killer gem, "The Worlds On Fire" by SAC.  However, it's The Storybook that brings five floaty psych-pop spankings only available on this album that make the hunt worth it.  There is also a blatant copy-cat song  "Ashbury Wednesday" by a fictitious band, Boenzee Cryque that sounds way too much like "Purple Haze."  It's fun, though.  (see if you recognize the frontman in the clip below)

For a short period, it seemed every movie studio was trying to get on the lysergic train with a 12-inch tag along.  It's fascinating to hear how closely (or not) the shirt and ties captured the flipped-out psychedelic experience.  Anyway, it's a nice snapshot of the period and falls right into my wheelhouse of collecting.

"Psych-Out" (back)

Sidewalk Records label

"Ashbury Wednesday" - Boenzee Cryque / Clip from "Psych-Out" (1968)

A1  “The Pretty Song From Psych-Out”  -  The Storybook  3:16
A2  “Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow”  -  Strawberry Alarm Clock  3:05
A3  “Two Fingers Pointing On You”  -  The Seeds  3:12
A4  “Ashbury Wednesday”  -  Boenzee Cryque  2:54
A5  “The World’s On Fire”  -  Strawberry Alarm Clock  3:31 (edited)
B1  “Psych-Out Sanctorum”  -  The Storybook  3:25
B2  “Beads Of Innocence”  -  The Storybook  3:10
B3  “The Love Children”  -  The Storybook  2:24
B4  “Psych-Out”  -  The Storybook  2:17
B5  “The World’s On Fire" -  Strawberry Alarm Clock  8:22 (long version)

Strawberry Alarm Clock
The Seeds
Boenzee Cryque
The Storybook

Good stuff.

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