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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Out Of The Frying Pan" - Wynder K. Frog (1968)

"Out Of The Frying Pan" - Wynder K Frog (1968)

Nothing to overthink here.  Just a whole lot of tasty and familiar 60s Hammond organ tapping and wailing all around your ears.  A little jazzy.  A little funky.  A little psychy.  And a whole lot of groovy.  The album is a smile-maker and blah-taker.  Wynder K. Frog (aka Mick Weaver) makes a joyful and funky instrumental album to spin in the background or crank it be damned.  I enjoyed the album both ways.  Mostly familiar covers but with a couple of originals that hold their own quite well.  "Out Of The Frying Pan” is a perfect snapshot of the times.  Imagine Goldie Hawn bikini-dancing with "make love, not war" slogans on her body and you'll get the idea.  Most of the album hits that spot.  Wynder K. Frog gets added help from members of The Grease Band and a few horns from the Bluesbreakers.  This is another fun album that can be had for pennies and I enjoyed the love beads out of it. (wink-wink)

"Out Of The Frying Pan" (back)

United Artists Records label

"Gasoline Alley" - Wynder K Frog / "Out Of The Frying Pan" (1968)

A1  "Jumpin' Jack Flash"  4:03
A2  "Gasoline Alley"  3:02
A3  "Willie and the Hand Jive"  2:21
A4  "Harpsichord Shuffle"  3:55
A5  "Baby I Love You"  2:44
B1  "Green Door"  2:25
B2  "Bad Eye"  2:35
B3  "Alexander's Ragtime Band"  3:34
B4  "Tequila"  1:55
B5  "The House That Jack Built"  2:30
B6  "Hymn To Freedom"  4:16
B7  "Hi-Heel Sneakers"  3:34

Mick Weaver - Hammond organ
Alan Spenner - bass
Bruce Rowland - drums
Neil Hubbard - guitar
Dick Heckstall-Smith - tenor saxophone
Chris Mercer - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Henry Lowther - trumpet
Anthony Reebop Kwaku Baah - percussion

Good stuff.

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Unknown said...

Gasoline Ally is a decent jam, Thanks for sharing.