Tuesday, January 28, 2020

TCCDM Dig and Flip: "Finders Keepers" (2015)

"Finders Keepers" - Stephen King (2015)
Hardcover, 434 pages

I liked the second part of this "Mr. Mercedes" trilogy a little better than the first.  But unfortunately, it's not the 'juicy' Stephen King stuff.  If you're a King fan like myself...you're allowed to quibble.  “Finders Keepers" is just a good, not great, SK offering that gets a little higher bump simply for a few pretty dang clever and exciting scenes.  Even when the maestro spins just an average yarn, he still spins it like nobody's business.

As I said, "Finders Keepers" is the second doorstop in the “Mr. Mercedes" trilogy.  However, the story can be approached as a stand-alone without the reader being lost in back story.  Here we find a psychopathic book-lover from the 1970s upset that his favorite author has retired to the point of being a recluse.  When he hears rumors that the author has been stockpiling his unpublished writings in a safe with no plans on sharing them...our wacko-psycho plans a home invasion.  Thirty years later, a troubled schoolboy discovers a buried suitcase.

There are a few wonderfully written new characters to meet. The psychopathic booklover, Morris, and the school kid, Peter are totally engaging.  And, of course, a character or three from the earlier “Mr. Mercedes” story.  They are who they are and won't interfere with your enjoyment of this suspense thriller.  The book ties loosely to "Mr. Mercedes" and those who have read it will dig the subtle reminders.  But to be fair, “Finders Keepers" does not suffer from one having not read the first.  It's a Stephen King.  You know you'll be entertained.

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Good stuff.

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