Thursday, January 2, 2020

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #28

(a short jaunt)

"Straight Brother" - Asylum Choir / "Asylum II" (1971)

"Daddy dropped the ball in the bowling hall
'cause he bet on a loser and took a fall for mother."
I'm not familiar with this album, but this song here is a tasty little lost gem.  Leon Russell kicks it off, but dang if Marc Benno doesn't have a great little break-in voice in the middle.  I have their first album.  The one with the infamous "toilet paper" on the cover.  And it's quite good.  However, the two had long split up before this, their second album ever got flushed.

"Colours" - Donovan / "Live & In The Studio" (2009)

For whatever reason, Donovan could never quite drop the mic here in the States.  Regarded more as a singles artist rather than an album artist unfairly so.  But as we all know, the rock-n-roll gods don't play favorites.  Whadyagonnado?  Still, this groovy troubadour need make no apologies.  His catalog is filled with plenty of cool and beautiful tunes worthy of a second look.  Here's one of'em.

"Tongue In Cheek" - Sugarloaf / "Spaceship Earth" (1971)

Sugarloaf is throwin' down some wicked jam on this number.  And it's a great one to crank while hauling your buttocks down the highway.  What a cool snapshot of that era.  Hailing from the speedbumps of Denver, Colorado, this was Sugarloaf's 2nd album.


Good stuff.

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