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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Moses" (1973)

"Moses" - Jerry Hahn (1973)

"Moses" was Jerry Hahn's first "solo" effort and the album has Jerry working his guitar with a more rockier jazz swag than expected.  Oh, there is still the familiar fast and swinging Barney Kessel flavor but there are three tasty surprises that really clean the pallet.  The funky Jerry Hahn penned title track, is a fantastic opener.  It's a real groove and gets interesting in the places Jerry takes it.  I never tire.  There is also an 'out of left field' surprise dive into Donovan's, “Sunshine Superman.” Hahn fills it with wah-wah goings-on and other cool ear candy giving it a delightful jazzy psych dusting.  Surprise! Surprise!  Plus there is a wicked solo thrown in.  It's the kind of workout that makes me wonder if someone threw down a challenge...and challenge was accepted.

Finally, buried on side two is a cover of "All Blues" from Miles Davis' "Kind Of Blue" album.  I first heard Hahn's version driving back home from a comedy gig I once did in Tulsa, OK.  I loved it.  I can't find it on YouTube, but it sure sounded good to me that night.  This was a pretty hard album for me to find, but not very expensive.  It's a good album and still under the radar.

"Moses" (back)

Fantasy label

Fantasy company sleeve

"Sunshine Superman" - Jerry Hahn / "Moses" (1973)

A1  "Moses" 4:25
A2  "Prime Time" 3:21
A3  "Slick & Sharp" 4:36
A4  "Blues Suite" 5:55
A5  "Full Moon and Empty Arms" 1:42
B1  "Sunshine Superman" 5:00
B2  "Joy Spring" 4:35
B3  "All Blues" 4:30
B4  "Honey Suite" 5:07

Jerry Hahn - guitar
Mel Graves - bass
George Marsh - drums
Merl Saunders - organ, synthesizer

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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