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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Share The Land" (1970)

"Share The Land" - The Guess Who (1970)

This is a great album that can almost always be found for $1...$2...maybe $3 dollars.  And it's a killer spin for your listening pleasure.  Loaded with no less than 4 radio songs with the rest of the album equally as entertaining.  The lost gem for me was the epic 9-min closer. “Three More Days.”  Not a minute is wasted.  It stays interesting from beginning to end with Burton Cummings sounding fantastic without going over-the-top.  It felt like a real band effort.  No egos.  The other is the hard-rockin' “Hang On To Your Life" which I didn't know I knew until I spun the record.  The song has a killer harmonic hook that never gets old.  An under-appreciated treasure.  And the psych fade out of this song has a surprising, almost Morrison-like, recitation about something or other.  It's quirky and I dig stuff like that.

For the small amount of coinage, this is a solid album.  There is even a bit of a Black Oak Arkansas vibe going on with one of the songs..."Coming Down Off the Money Bag"...and on first listen I was throwing eye rolls to whomever I could make eye contact with.  But on subsequent listens...I think it was a risk that worked.  Don't pick the needle up...let it ride.  I think you'll get it.  This was the first album minus Randy Bachman, but the new Guess Who bandmates could not have gotten off to a better start.  Cummings dials back the lounge-act bit.  A habit that would slowly sink the band in the years to come.  But here, he is in fine form.  Find this. Buy this.

"Share The Land" (back)

"Share The Land" (Gatefold Unipak)

"Share The Land" (inner sleeve - front)

"Share The Land" (inner sleeve - back)

RCA Victor label

"Hang On To Your Life" - The Guess Who / "Share The Land" (1970)

A1  "Bus Rider" 2:57
A2  "Do You Miss Me Darlin'?" 3:55
A3  "Hand Me Down World" 3:26
A4  "Moan For You Joe" 2:39
A5  "Share The Land" 3:53
B1  "Hang On To Your Life" 4:09
B2  "Coming Down Off The Money Bag" / "Song Of The Dog" 3:54
B3  "Three More Days" 8:55

Burton Cummings – vocals, keyboards, flute on (B3)
Kurt Winter – lead guitar, b-vocals
Greg Leskiw – guitar, b-vocals, lead vocal on (B2)
Jim Kale – bass, b-vocals
Garry Peterson – drums, b-vocals

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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