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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Red Weather" (1969)

"Red Weather" - Leigh Stephens (1969)

Leigh Stephens was the lead guitarist for Blue Cheer for crying out loud, so his cred has already been nailed to the rock wall...but this album doesn't bring the thunder of that kinda noise.  However, Stephens' first solo album does have its crank-it moments.  They're pretty good, but they don't blow out your windows.  Mostly, there is an earthier chill-out spell being cast.  And it's this quirkiness that gives the album a bit of a psychy-vibe.  The album is a different octopus.  It's probably your "Blue Cheer" expectations that will let you down.  Leave your notions at the door and you might discover a few gems.  "Red Weather" is by no means a necessity for your 'psych' collection, but it's still a nice one to own.  It has a great cover to display and Stephens does give us a few deep tracks worth discovering.  A bit of a grower.  My album was a record club copy.

"Red Weather" (back)

Philips label

"Red Weather" - Leigh Stephens / "Red Weather" (1969)

A1  "Another Dose of Life" 4:47
A2  "Drifting" 6:41
A3  "Indians" 4:47
A4  "I Grow Higher" 5:39
B1  "Red Weather" 3:14
B2  "If You Choose Too" 5:10
B3  "Joannie Mann" 5:05
B4  "Chicken Pot Pie" 3:12

Leigh Stephens - vocals, guitar, bass
Ian Stewart - keyboards
Nicky Hopkins - keyboards
Kevin Westlake - drums
Mick Waller - drums
Eric Albronda - vocals  (A1)
Kevin Westlake vocals (A1)

Good stuff.

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