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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."One Nation Underground" (1967)

"One Nation Underground" - Pearls Before Swine (1967)

“One Nation Underground” is filled with odd folk-psych melodies and a floaty moodiness that gives the listener a mind-loosening experience.  It's hard to explain but Tom Rapp is good at it.  Pearls Before Swine's debut is not completely covered in psych dust, but the album sounds clever and sometimes strange.  The opening track "Another Time" is a subtle example of Rapp on target.  There are a couple of heavier songs in the folk-psych mode.  "I Shall Not Care" is probably my favorite.  And the biting Vietnam jab, "Uncle John" is one of the better anti-war tracks I've heard.  The oddest track is the Dylanesque "Playmate" which is good but feels a little outta place.  I'm not sure what was the point.  I've since come to enjoy the Dylan take quite a bit.  Overall, "One Nation Underground" is a nice piece of folk psych that holds up pretty well.  Btw...Tom Rapp tries slipping in a bit of F-U-C-K in Morse code a few times on "(Oh Dear) Miss Morse."  The song was quickly pulled from the radio stations when complaints were made.  The idea was silly but kind of cool.

"One Nation Underground" (back)

ESP label

"I Shall Not Care" - Pearls Before Swine / "One Nation Underground" (1967)

A1  "Another Time" 3:07
A2  "Playmate" 2:24
A3  "Ballad To An Amber Lady" 5:20
A4  "(Oh Dear) Miss Morse" 2:04
A5  "Drop Out!" 4:10
B1  "Morning Song" 4:11
B2  "Regions of May" 3:30
B3  "Uncle John" 3:00
B4  "I Shall Not Care" 5:26
B5  "The Surrealist Waltz" 3:28

Tom Rapp - vocals, guitar
Wayne Harley - autoharp, banjo, mandolin, vibraphone, audio oscillator, harmony
Lane Lederer - bass, guitar, English horn, Swinehorn, Sarangi, celeste, finger cymbals, vocals (on "Surrealist Waltz")
Roger Crissinger - organ, harpsichord, clavioline
Warren Smith - drums, percussion

Good stuff.

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