Wednesday, November 13, 2019

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Music To Eat" (1971)

"Music To Eat" - Hampton Grease Band (1971)

The Hampton Grease Band's only album...“Music To Eat”...has reached a bit of cult status of sorts.  At one time, this album ranked as being the sorriest selling Columbia album ever...second only to a nobody yoga album.  That in and of itself is an oddly cool rep to possess.  This 88-minute double album is filled with quirky avant-garde rock.  There are plenty of silly and strange moments and at times the album has a bit of the Beefheart or Zappa vibe going-on.  But mixed in with all the weird cornucopia are some really good jamming sessions and psych dipping.  Much of it crank-worthy.  Yes, there is some eye-rolling weirdness, for sure, but overall my listening experience teeters to the side of ”just ride it.”  I don't love this album, but I like it enough to make room for it on my shelf.  “Music To Eat” was a hard one for me to find, probably because those that stumble on it, hold on to it.  There are enough interesting changes throughout these two squares...if you don't like what's happening, just wait a few minutes and get hit with a different stick.

"Music To Eat" (back)

"Music To Eat" (gatefold inside)

Columbia label

Columbia company sleeve

"Halifax" (first 10 min.) - Hampton Grease Band / "Music To Eat" (1971)

A1  "Halifax" 19:36
B1  "Maria" 5:27
B2  "Six" 19:31
C1  "Evans"
       a. "Egyptian Beaver" 5:18
       b. "Evans" 12:30
C2  "Lawton" 7:48
D1  "Hey Old Lady and Bert's Song" 3:19
D2  "Hendon"
       a. "Spray Paint" 1:15
       b. "Major Bones" 2:05
       c. "Sewell Park" 5:18
       d. "Improvisation" 11:35

Bruce Hampton (Col. Hampton B. Coles, Ret.) - vocals, trumpet
Glenn Phillips - guitar, saxophone
Jerry Fields (Bubba Phreon) - trombone, drums, percussion, vocals
Mike Holbrook - bass
Harold Kelling - guitar, vocals, composer, cover design

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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