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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Bang" (1972)

"Bang" (front)

I've heard many from the vinyl community describe Bang's self-titled first album as being similar to Black Sabbath.  And I admit, it really does have that vibe.  The riffing and tempo changing style is familiar and great.  And the Ozzy-ness in the vocals is hard to miss, as well.  It kicks ass and I really enjoy the similarities.  Bang brings some pretty clever and contagious songs that headbang nicely.  But Bang's songwriting lacks the heavy gloom and darkness that Sabbath would take to the bank.  Had their writing been heavier in that regard...who knows?  Still, this is a strong album and stoners should appreciate this early taste of '70s proto-metal.  Bang was the band from Philly who deserved a better fate.  Pick it up when you find it.

"Bang" (back)

Capitol label (lime w/purple logo) 

"The Queen" - Bang / "Bang" (1972)

A1  "Lions, Christians" 3:58
A2  "The Queen" 5:24
A3  "Last Will and Testament" 4:09
A4  "Come With Me" 4:12
B1  "Our Home" 3:26
B2  "Future Shock" 4:38
B3  "Questions" 3:50
B4  "Redman" 4:58

Frank Ferrara - vocals, bass
Frank Gilcken - guitar, b-vocals
Tony D'Iorio - drums

Bang Website

Good stuff.

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