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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."(Turn On) The Music Machine" (1966 - Rei 2017)

"(Turn On) The Music Machine" - The Music Machine (1966 - Rei 2017)

The Music Machine was a 60s garage rock band with pop-catchy songs, but with an edgier streetwise attitude.  Even the psych truck has dusted a few songs mostly with some mid-eastern guitar tones.  Not a whole lot, but you notice it when it comes around.  Very cool.  I like the clever cover with the lone gloved hand reaching up to twist the dial and always thought it stood out.  The band was cool, too.  Their clothes were all black. Their hair was all black. And they each wore one black glove on stage.  That was their thing and good for them.

There are seven original songs written by Sean Bonniwell, the band's singer/songwriter and they're all good.  “Talk Talk” was their killer break-out single, but not necessarily the best song on the album.  "The People In Me" is an edgy psych gem.  ”Masculine Intuition” (what a clever title) has a unique turn and “Trouble” rocks out.   The dude could write songs.   But for some reason, the record execs wanted the band to record some covers, too.  Five of them to be specific.  What a head-scratcher!  So yeah, there are a few covers.  But they're all done extremely well.  Especially, ”Hey Joe” which is one of the best versions I've heard.  What a surprise!  The only cover that made my eyes roll was “Taxman.”  It's good, but I've never been much of a fan of Beatle covers.  That's just me.  Besides, I think it does a bit of a disservice...having the band ride coattails when their own songs are strong enough to create their own identity.  As I said, The Music Machine is garage rock,  but it's not sloppy.  These guys could really play.  This album is a lot of fun.

Before I forget, my copy is a RSD Mono reissue found in a half-price box at our local shop.  Also, and this is pretty cool and I don't know if the original did this, but my vinyl copy has a neat feature added to the label.  There are little lines on the edge with the message, “WHEN LINES APPEAR TO STAND STILL RECORD IS REVOLVING AT EXACTLY 33 1/3 R.P.M."  Keeping it real.

"(Turn On) The Music Machine" (back)

Concord Bicycle Music label

Record Store Day hype sticker

"Trouble" - The Music Machine / "(Turn On) The Music Machine" (1966)

A1  "Talk Talk" 1:56
A2  "Trouble" 2:11
A3  "Cherry Cherry" 3:12
A4  "Taxman" 2:33
A5  "Some Other Drum" 2:29
A6  "Masculine Intuition" 2:08
B1  "The People in Me" 2:53
B2  "See See Rider" 2:29
B3  "Wrong" 2:16
B4  "96 Tears" 2:17
B5  "Come On In" 2:54
B6  "Hey Joe" 4:12

Sean Bonniwell - vocals, guitar, horn
Mark Landon - guitar
Doug Rhodes - keyboards, tambourine, b-vocals
Keith Olsen - bass, b-vocals
Ron Edgar - drums

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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