Thursday, October 31, 2019

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."In Search Of Space" (1971)

"In Search Of Space" - Hawkwind (1971)

If you've been curious about what the heck space rock is all about, pick up this bad-puppy.  This was Hawkwind's 2nd album...and it's goooooood!  It's very ethereal.  Heavy at times with tasty psych and prog shenanigans going on.  It rocks and jams and it gets a little trancy.  Everything adds up to a free ride without leaving the couch.

The opener "You Shouldn't Do That" is a fantastic 16-min ‘how do you do.”  I loved this and grabbed my headphones the second time around.  ”Master of the Universe” is another gem, more rocking but without losing the spacey-psych flavor.  This is one I might have heard on The Psychedelic Experience.  Somewhere anyway.  ”Adjust Me” is a goodly strange, experimental spin.  But really this album is good from needle drop to label.  I've heard others say this isn’t even considered their best album.  What!?  Methinks I have some more exploring to do.

This Hawkwind album cover is a gimmix die-cut with interlocking sides that fold out.  It's pretty clever, but a major pain getting to your record.  It's the kind of cover design you'll want to be very patient with when taking your record out.  I decided to just keep it in a sleeve in front of the back cover for easier access.  (That's what she said!).  Either way, your head is gone before you can grab your hat.

"In Search Of Space" (back)

"In Search Of Space" (gimmix inside)

"In Search Of Space" (inside unfolded)

United Artists Records label

"Master Of The Universe” - Hawkwind / "In Search Of Space" (1971)

A1  "You Shouldn't Do That" 16:15
A2  "You Know You're Only Dreaming" 6:47
B1  "Master of the Universe" 6:35
B2  "We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago" 4:56
B3  "Adjust Me" 5:58
B4  "Children of the Sun" 4:08

Dave Brock - vocals, electric guitar, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, harmonica, audio generator
Nik Turner - alto saxophone, flute, vocals, audio generator
Del Dettmar - synthesizer
Dik Mik (Michael Davies) - audio generator
Dave Anderson - bass, electric & acoustic guitars
Terry Ollis - drums, percussion

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers
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