Friday, October 18, 2019

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Elephant Mountain" (1969)

"Elephant Mountain" - The Youngbloods (1969)

The Youngbloods were a three-man band at this point.  The album is all very folk-rockish with a light shadow of floaty jazz passing by.  This album steps out of the comfort zone of what Youngblood fans might expect.  There is a kind of "get on board or just don't hang around” attitude about it.  Musicians are taking risks.  Eclectic ideas are dared.  It's a nice chill for the recliner.  I don't know much about The Youngbloods apart from their hippie anthem, "Get Together" and there ain't any of that happening here.  I was never a fan of that particular song anyway, so no foul.  Apart from the great opening track...“Darkness Darkness” (starts slow and rolls to a rush.)...there is a variety of floaty psych ideas slithering throughout the music, as well.  Often creating surprising vibes in the process.  "Sham" is another one bringing the stuff.  Plus there are two instrumentals.  Nothing memorable, but very enjoyable.  And the tight musicianship keeps everything from sounding like filler.  This isn't a must-own album by any means, but “Elephant Mountain” is pretty good and can be found easily in the wild dancing near the $5 mark.  Often less.  And for that price, the album is worth taking a flier.  Go get you some.

"Elephant Mountain" (back)

RCA Victor label

"Darkness, Darkness" - The Youngbloods / "Elephant Mountain" (1969)

A1  "Darkness, Darkness" 3:48
A2  "Smug" 2:13
A3  "On Sir Francis Drake" 6:18
A4  "Sunlight" 3:07
A5  "Double Sunlight" 0:38
A6  "Beautiful" 3:42
A7  "Turn It Over" 0:12
B1  "Rain Song" 3:12
B2  "Trillium" 3:11
B3  "Quicksand" 2:40
B4  "Black Mountain Breakdown" 0:40
B5  "Sham" 2:42
B6  "Ride the Wind" 6:44

Jesse Colin Young - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar on "Sunlight"
Lowell "Banana" Levinger - guitar, electric piano, b-vocals
Joe Bauer - drums
David Lindley - fiddle
Jerry Corbitt - guitar and vocals (uncredited)
Plas Johnson - tenor saxophone
Joe Clayton - trumpet
Victor Feldman - vibraphone

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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