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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Stranger In Town" (1978)

"Stranger In Town" - Bob Seger (1978)

This was Bob Seger's follow-up to his mega-monster album, "Night Moves" (1976) and he pulled it off like David Blaine changing coffee to coins.  "Stranger..." also sold beaucoup copies going platinum in less than a month.  Four songs charted in the top 30.  (Two I really like and two that disagreed with me even before heavy rotation.)  But aside from those two eye-rollers, the rest of "Stranger In Town" is cream.  My only complaint is there's too much Pledge and polish.  Don't get me wrong, I like this album a lot.  But it's missing the urgency of "Fire Down Below."  Or the raw isolation of "Main Street" of the best things he's ever done.  Bob's dirty blue-collar hands may not have been manicured yet...but they certainly have been washed.

But look, this was 10 years in the making.  No over-nite success story here.  Seger paid more than his share of dues reaching the top RnR rung so any minor quibs and complaints I may cast is just on me and can be filed under "fuggedaboutit!"  Songs like "Hollywood Nights"  and "Still The Same" still sound fantastic.  “Feel Like A Number” rocks the collar blue.  And "Till It Shines" is a wonderful lost gem.  Finally, Seger's 'breaking apart and letting go' cinematic closer..."The Famous Final Scene" is achingly perfect.

My copy is an upgrade I found still in the shrink.  This is the last Bob Seger album I need on vinyl.  This one is easy to find and very inexpensive.  And I'm glad I own it.  Everything after, I'm fine simply having on CD.

"Stranger In Town" (back)

"Stranger In Town" (4-pg booklet)

"Stranger In Town" (lyric sleeve)

Capitol Records label

"Till It Shines" - Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band / "Stranger In Town" (1978)

A1  "Hollywood Nights" 5:00
A2  "Still the Same" 3:21
A3  "Old Time Rock & Roll" 3:13
A4  "Till It Shines" 3:53
A5  "Feel Like a Number" 3:42
B1  "Ain't Got No Money" 4:12
B2  "We've Got Tonite "4:39
B3  "Brave Strangers" 6:21
B4  "The Famous Final Scene" 5:08

Bob Seger - vocals, guitar
Drew Abbott - guitar
Robyn Robbins - keyboards
Alto Reed - tenor and alto saxophone
Chris Campbell - bass
David Teegarden - percussion, drums
Barry Beckett - keyboards
Pete Carr - guitar
Jimmy Johnson - guitar
David Hood - bass
Roger Hawkins - drums, percussion
Glenn Frey - guitar solo /"Till It Shines"
Don Felder - guitar solo /"Ain't Got No Money"
Bill Payne - organ, piano / "Hollywood Nights"
Doug Riley - piano / "Feel Like a Number" and "Brave Strangers"

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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