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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Future" (1967)

"Future" - The Seeds (1967)

The Seeds third album..."Future" a bit of early garage-psych.  And if not the band's best, it is at least my favorite.  The L.A. band, The Seeds, weren't the most skilled and Sky Saxon's voice at times sounded like an angry Sonny Bono had built a nest in his throat, but what they lacked in A-level talent, they made up for in sheer commitment.  There are a number of interesting psych tracks that will make your lava lamp feel at home.  “Flower Lady and Her Assistant” is an outstanding atmospheric spin.  "Now A Man" is an excellent example of garage-psych.  "Six Dreams" has the beginnings of what Alice Cooper would take to the next level.  But it is the last track, “Fallin'”...that finds the band at their most psych-seediest.  At nearly 8-minutes, Saxon's repetitive refrains backed by harp strings, organ, and other weird noises and beats make for mind-stealing fun.  Sky Saxon supposedly was the first musician to coin the “Flower Power” phrase.  Or one of the first to claim ownership.  And while embracing the high, I imagine Saxon's head exploded when that mantra struck his brain!

The packaging for this album is primo.  A nice heavy gatefold with lyrics and the "Originations of the Flower Generation" written inside.  Most of the artwork was done by Sky Saxon himself.  Also included were three mini posters. (see below)  Two for the wall, I suppose, and the other one for your scissors to cut into pieces.  Maybe not the best idea while dropping the Lysergic stuff.  Again, "Future" is about half psych and half garage.  And pretty good on both counts.  A little messy, but fun, and a nice example of early psych.

"Future" (back)

"Future" (inside gatefold)

GNP Crescendo label

"Future" (insert 1)

"Future" (insert 2)

"Future" (insert 3)

"Flower Lady And Her Assistant" - The Seeds / "Future" (1967)

A1  "Introduction" 1:03
A2  "March Of The Flower Children" 1:45
A3  "Travel With Your Mind" 3:00
A4  "Out Of The Question" 3:02
A5  "Painted Doll" 3:20
A6  "Flower Lady & Her Assistant" 3:15
A7  "Now A Man" 3:20
B1  "A Thousand Shadows" 2:25
B2  "Two Fingers Pointing On You" 3:10
B3  "Where Is The Entrance Way To Play" 2:55
B4  "Six Dreams" 3:05
B5  "Fallin'" 7:40

Sky Saxon - vocals, bass, artwork
Jan Savage - guitar, gong, b-vocals
Harvey Sharpe - bass
Daryl Hooper - organ, sitar, piano, b-vocals
Rick Andridge - drums, b-vocals

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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