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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Barbarella" (1968)

"Barbarella  Soundtrack" (1968)

I guess you could call this album part space lounge and part lounge psych.  Most of the tracks are instrumentals.  There are flourishes of light fuzz guitar, along with spanks of horns, (not too brassy) and hints of futuristic space grooves.  Some of it is really pretty good.  It's all mostly groovy utopian vibes intermixed with tracks that sound a little more authoritarian.  And these tracks sometimes interrupt the overall good vibes.  Yin and Yang, I suppose.  There are 4 tracks with vocals, all but one provided by The Glitterhouse.  There is some groovy rhyming going on.  Like 'Barbarella' with 'psychedella,' for example, crooned in a 'Space-F-ing is Fun' kind of style.  Way more campy than sexy.  But if spinning in the background, there's room for both.  The soundtrack was given new life in 2018 with a hand-numbered re-issue of "Barbarella" limited to 500 copies on the Varèse Sarabande label.  But nice original copies are pretty cheap and easy to find.

I mentioned the band, The Glitterhouse earlier.  They recorded a psych-rock album of their own, “Color Blind” (1968) and a few in the VC have taken time to recommend it.  (Check the album out here).

Look, the film was a daring (for the time) future sex space flick.  It was silly, but it did present a young and attractive Jane Fonda as eye-candy, so there was that.  Unintentionally campy or not, the film gained a midnight movie following.  Having said, and this is by no means a stretch, I enjoyed the soundtrack a little better than the film.

"Barbarella" (back)

Dynovoice label

"The Black Queen's Beads" - "Barbarella Soundtrack" (1968)

A1  "Barbarella" (Vocal by The Glitterhouse) (2:40)
A2  "Goodnight Alfie" (1:29)
A3  "Spaceship Out Of Control" (1:28)
A4  "Ski Ride" (1:56)
A5  "The Hungry Dolls" (1:48)
A6  "Love Love Love Drags Me Down" (Vocal by The Glitterhouse) (3:42)
A7  "Pygar Finds Barbarella" (1:17)
A8  "I Love All The Love In You" (Vocal by The Glitterhouse) (3:52)
A9  "The Labyrinth" (1:11)
A10  "Pygar's New Wings" (1:57)
A11  "Fight In Flight" (2:35)
B1  "Entrance Into Sogo" (1:55)
B2  "Hello Pretty Pretty" (1:03)
B3  "Pygar's Persecution" (1:16)
B4  "The Black Queen's Beads" (3:31)
B5  "Dead Duck" (0:34)
B6  "The Pill" (1:02)
B7  "Smoke" (Viper Vapor) (2:16)
B8  "The Sex Machine" (3:17)
B9  "The Chamber Of Dreams" (2:23)
B10  "The Destruction Of Sogo" (2:27)
B11  "An Angel Is Love" (Vocal by Bob Crewe) (4:23)

The Bob Crewe Generation (session musicians)
The Glitterhouse - vocals
Charles Fox - score

Good stuff.

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