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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."666" (1972)

"666" - Aphrodite's Child (1972)

"666" is a double album filled with almost 80-minutes of floaty prog-psych trippiness. A lot of ideas are going on here.  And everything works.  It's amazing.  One engaging idea after another.  And even in the albums' strangest moments, Vangelis, vocalist/bassist Demis Roussos, and the rest of band's confidence just oozes out of the speakers and we can relax trusting that wherever the music takes us will see us safely to the end.  It's all very peculiar, and yet all very easy on the ears.

I remember finding my mid-70s copy last spring at the local record store (Spectrum) with a $15 price tag and a note saying one of the records had a slight warp but plays fine.  The fella told me to take it home and if it didn't sound great...bring it back.  The album plays like a leviathan.  And I saw barely a lift in my cartridge.  Otherwise, the records play minty.  Close to it.  By the way...this is what an 'essential' album sounds like.  If you can find a good copy of this for under $'re getting a steal.  By the way, this is one of those rare double albums that deserves to double-down.  Good stuff.
"666" was the third (and last) album from Aphrodite's Child.  The group had separated before the album was released.

"666" (back)

"666" (inside gatefold)

Vertigo (spaceships) label

Original Vertigo/Mercury sleeve

"The Four Horsemen" - Aphrodite's Child / "666" (1972)

A1  "The System" 0:23
A2  "Babylon" 2:47
A3  "Loud, Loud, Loud" 2:42
A4  "The Four Horsemen" 5:54
A5  "The Lamb" 4:33
A6  "The Seventh Seal" 1:30
B1  "Aegian Sea" 5:22
B2  "Seven Bowls" 1:29
B3  "The Wakening Beast" 1:11
B4  "Lament" 2:45
B5  "The Marching Beast" 2:00
B6  "The Battle of the Locusts" 0:56
B7  "Do It" 1:44
B8  "Tribulation" 0:32
B9  "The Beast" 2:26
B10  "Ofis" 0:14
C1  "Seven Trumpets" 0:35
C2  "Altamont" 4:33
C3  "The Wedding of the Lamb" 3:38
C4  "The Capture of the Beast" 2:17
C5  "∞" 5:15
C6  "Hic et Nunc" 2:55
D1  "All the Seats Were Occupied" 19:19
D2  "Break" 2:58

Vangelis - keyboards, organ, piano, vibraphone, bass, flute, percussion, b-vocals
Demis Roussos - vocals, bass, guitar, b-vocals
Loukas Sideras – drums, vocals, b-vocals
Silver Koulouris - guitar, percussion
Guest musicians
Harris Halkitis - bass, saxophone, congas, percussion, b-vocals
Michel Ripoche - trombone, saxophone
Irene Papas - vocals ("∞")
John Forst - English narration
Yannis Tsarouchis - Greek narration ("Ofis")
Daniel Koplowitz - narration ("Loud, Loud, Loud")
Costas Ferris - lyricist

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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