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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Jonathon Round" (1971)

"Jonathon Round" - Jonathon Round (1971)

If you threw Jack Black and Meatloaf into one of those experimental pods that Jeff Goldblum climbed into in "The Fly" might find Jonathon Round on the other side.  His vocals hit the speakers with that same kind of over-the-top commitment.   His self-titled (and only) album is a mixture of hard folk and blues-rock with a bit of psych seasoning scattered about.  The insane soliloquy and spooky arrangement of the Stones, "Sympathy For The Devil" is just killer and one that a few cooler radio stations still play.  After a few moments into the song, you quickly realize that this shit's for real.  The devil ain't looking for no sympathy here.  He's demanding props and praise.  It's a great cover that doesn't imitate.  And the song also has a really cool fadeout.

"In Quest of the Unicorn" is the opening track that introduces us to Jonathon Round and it doesn't fail to impress.  The gentler "Tolu" is a floaty acoustic gem.  Good vocals and good musicianship.  Not every track is amazing, but there's some really good stuff here.  It's not an expensive square, but hard to find in the wild.  The album has a gimmix round gatefold cover and was released on the Westbound Records label.  Bands like Funkadelic and Ohio Players parked their horses there.  Jonathon Round used a different kind of transportation.

"Jonathon Round" (back)

"Jonathon Round" (inside)

Westbound Records (promo)

"Sympathy For The Devil" - Jonathon Round  / "Jonathon Round" (1971)

A1  "In Quest of the Unicorn" 4:50
A2  "Don't It Make You Wanna' Go Home" 3:01
A3  "Tolu" 5:06
A4  "Sympathy For The Devil" 5:55
B1  "To Love Somebody" 2:55
B2  "Travelin' Mama Blues" 4:06
B3  "Young Sadie (Dancing Lady)" 4:40
B4  "Train-A-Comin'" 2:30
B5  "And I Will Not Be Moved" 5:30

Jonathan Round - vocals, guitar
Dennis Coffey - guitar
Bob Babbitt - bass
Mike Theodore - keyboards, guitar
John Griffith - keyboards
Sam Fozzini - drums
Jack Ashford - percussion
Bob Coward - oboe, flute
Fred Boldt - saxophone
Carl Raetz - trombone
Thaddeus Markiewicz - strings
Jack Boesen - strings
Edgar Clanton - b-vocals
LaVerna Mason - b-vocals

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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