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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Gulliver" (1970)

"Gulliver" - Gulliver (1970)

All I needed to know about this album was that Gulliver was on the Elektra label (making it a pretty safe blind purchase) and was also notable for having Daryl Hall in the band.  The music is mostly clever McCartneyesque pop-rockers.  There is even a little bit of fuzzed-up guitar that satisfies that other itch.  Nothing hard, but sounds good.  Even when the tempo slows down, like on the wonderful "Enough"/"Over the Mountain" still sounds FM worthy.  There are a couple of weaker tracks on here, but nothing that reaches the skippable level that would make you leave your chair.

Tim Moore wrote most of the songs and splits vocals with Hall.  Moore went on to have a successful career as a songwriter for many musical artists.  AMG only gave this album two stars, but I think it rates higher than that.  I really enjoyed it.  The album cover, however, is definitely a two-star.  Whoever thought a group shot of the band with the sun at their backs would be a good idea must have been smoking something.  For the record, Daryl Hall is the second shadowy figure on the left.  The back cover has Hall wearing a groovy Batman t-shirt which is pretty cool.  Look, I would never pay big money for this album, but if you can find a good copy near the $12 mark, grab it.

 "Gulliver" (back)

 Elektra Butterfly label

Original Elektra sleeve

"Enough"/"Over the Mountain" - Gulliver / "Gulliver" (1970)

A1  "Every Day's a Lovely Day" 2:45
A2  "I'm Really Smokin'" 2:25
A3  "Christine" 1:45
A4  "Rose Come Home" 3:35
A5  "Enough" / "Over the Mountain"
         a. "Enough" 1:58
         b. "Over the Mountain" 2:32
B1  "Angelina" 3:10
B2  "Flogene" 2:20
B3  "Lemon Road" 3:05
B4  "Seventy" 3:10
B5  "A Truly Good Song" 4:25

Daryl Hall - vocals, keyboard
Tim Moore - vocals, guitars
Tom Sellers - keyboards, bass
Jim Helmer - drums

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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