Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Horse Head Has An Idea:.."The Hogs Ear Report"


The Vinyl Community, or the VC as they like to call themselves, is a group of YouTube guys and gals who enjoy collecting records.  They enjoy hunting for albums out in the wild or wherever...and then putting their mugs in front of the camera to share what they found and show them off.
That's it!   It's just that flippin' simple.
But their joy and enthusiasm while talking up their discoveries for the week or like chicken soup.  I am not kidding.  They calm me down.  I like saving them in my "watch later" list and then once or twice a week, I throw my feet up in the air and watch a few shows on the big screen.  I have my favorites, but look, it's a cult of personality and you'll quickly gravitate to whichever one scratches your vinyl itch.  Careful though, or you might find yourself going down a rabbit hole.   If you have even a passing interest in record albums, you owe it to yourself to check out a few of the many VC channels.  Here is a VC Channel I watch regularly and is highly recommended.

"The Hogs Ear Report" / The Vinyl Community (2019)

"The Hogs Ear Report" hosted by Ron, a leaping gnome of sorts hailing from the great city of Phoenix, AZ.  The show has plenty of US and UK vinyl of the classic rock, psych and garage realm with plenty of branches leading into various directions.  In showing his hauls, our host takes his time offering insight and opinions about why we should care.   And a big plus, Ron almost always shows his albums...'FBI' (Front-Back-Inside)...which is great for folks like me who will probably never get close enough to actually own some of them.

The guy definitely knows his shit, too.  But not in that irritating 'know-it-all' kind of way.  No, Ron is more like the friend who just learned something really cool and is excited to tell you about it.  The show is fun and addicting.  One episode in particular, and it had to have been a few Halloweens back, Ron did his record haul while lying inside of a coffin.  All you could see was his arm and the hand holding the record.  Hilarious...and pretty badass at the same time.  When you stumble upon a channel you like...hit the Subscribe Button.  Show'em you love'em.  Every VC member has their own styles and tempo.  So if you don't enjoy one channel so on another one.  I mean they are really doing the Lord's work!  And I, for one, appreciate each and every one of 'em.

Btw, I like going back and checking out their earlier stuff, too.  Here is one of "The Hogs Ear Report's" very first episode below.

"The Hogs Ear Report" / The Vinyl Community (2014)

(Do you have a favorite VC channel you never miss?  PLEASE leave me a comment to check it out for a future Horse Head Idea.)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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