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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Inner Sounds Of The Id" (1967)

"The Inner Sounds Of The Id" - The Id (1967)

“The Inner Sounds Of The Id” is a fantastic psych record that was, in many ways, ahead of its time. All the music was recorded before 1967, making for some really early trippage.  A stamped postcard for the psych music later to come.  Remember, this was months before “Sgt. Pepper”...when every band wanted studio time to try and join the psychedelic parade.  The opening track “The Rake” brings a wonderful off-beat weirdness to the cerebellum.  And the album closes with the darker 10 1/2 minute title track.   Along with the psych, "Inner Sounds..." offers up some tasty and a bit strange garage rock.  Interesting, for sure.  From needle drop to run-out, this is some pretty groovy stuff.

The Id was never a “real” band, however.  They were just session musicians.  Wrecking Crew guys with guitarist Jerry Cole being the better-known of the bunch.  Cole was responsible for “The Animated Egg” psych album (I've never seen in the wild...evah!)  And he played on many of the cash-in “101 Strings” LPs, which I have come across, but was never aware Jerry Cole had a hand.    This was a bit of a pony-up. (For me anyway, I'm cheap).   I had been trying to snag a good copy at a price that fell in my sweet spot for a long time.  I bought this one online from a new seller with very little feedback history and took a chance.  I made an offer and it was accepted for $20 shipped.  A price I was comfortable paying.  This was the only album The Id ever recorded and it's a good one to grab.

"The Inner Sounds Of The Id" (back)

RCA Victor label

RCA Victor company sleeve

"The Rake" - The Id / "The Inner Sounds Of The Id" (1967)

A1  "The Rake" 2:03
A2  "Wild Times" 3:02
A3  "Don't Think Twice" 2:41
A4  "Stone and Steel" 3:30
A5  "Baby Eyes" 2:47
A6  "Boil the Kettle, Mother" 2:55
B1  "Butterfly Kiss" 2:29
B2  "Short Circuit" 2:56
B3  "Just Who" 2:36
B4  "The Inner Sound of the Id" 10:29

Jerry Cole - guitar, vocals, sitar
Rich Cliburn - guitar, b-vocals
Glenn Cass - bass, b-vocals
Don Dexter - drums, b-vocals

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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