Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again)

(a 20-minute jaunt)

"We Will Shine" - Alvin Lee · Mylon LeFevre / "On the Road to Freedom" (1973)

What a surprise to hear a song culled from this lesser-known album.  It was at Moose Antiques where I found this one.  I'd been walking around for an hour and didn't want to leave without buying something and saw this album propped by one of those black-iron kitty-cat doorstops on the floor.  It was a blind purchase apart from recognizing the name, Alvin Lee.  Nothing speed here, though.  Turned out to be a fine country-rock chill album.  A lot of familiar names hang out here.  George Harrison, Ron Wood. A few members of Traffic and other names I can't remember right now.  Go check it out.  Aged very well.

"(I Know) I'm Losing You" - Rare Earth / “In Concert” (1971)

Yep. Sirius played the entire 14-minute unedited live version.  Driving hard on the highway is a great way to experience this song.  I first heard this while listening to “JT” play it on his “Saturday Night All-Request” show on what was once called...107.3 The Road in Wichita.  I do have this album.  Part of it, anyway.  I pulled a rookie and didn't check the vinyl until I got home.  The jacket was missing the second record.  (Bin-diggin' and what with the gimmix buckles and all, ya know?)   I don't play it often, but I like knowing I have it.  Anyway, highway driving was made for Rare Earth.

"Blue Light" - David Gilmour / "About Face" (1984)

New to me, although the song did chart out at #62.  The horns caught me by surprise.  The song is very, very...high energy.  Nothing like “There's No Way Out Of Here”...which I adore.  It almost makes me think Townshend or Gabriel passed by David's studio and shouted, "Ya gotta get some horns, mate!”   "Blue Light" is just okay, but not what I'm really looking for.  How 'bout the album?


Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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