Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again)

(a short jaunt)

"Brainwashed" - George Harrison / "Brainwashed" (2002) 

The last song on George Harrison's last album.  He rifles off verses in a rhyme cadence similar to the way Bob Dylan would stream-of-conscious an idea out. And the song ends with his familiar Middle Eastern chants.  Nothing preachy and not unpleasant.  I enjoyed all the sounds and vibes.  His son Dhani joins him.  And the way the song (album) fades out seems rather fitting.  George passed before the album was released but he did leave good instruction.  I enjoyed this song and now am curious about the rest of the album.

"Permanent Waves" - The Kinks / "Misfits" (1978)

The Kinks are giving us a bit of a sneak-peak of the new wave phase to come.  It's another one of their "fashion songs" that Ray Davies loves to tongue-in-cheek.  In this case, "Permanent Waves" suggests getting yourself as quickly as possible to an Eric Fisher (or a place of your choice) for a major hair makeover.  I had to double-check when I got home to see if I owned this album.  I do.  It was the follow-up to “Sleepwalker” (1977) which I quite liked.  But holding “Misfits” in my hand, the only thing I could remember from the album was "A Rock & Roll Fantasy."   So that gave me a reason to spin it again.  Always great to have a purpose.

"This Ain't the Summer of Love" - Blue Öyster Cult / "Agents of Fortune" (1976)

 "Feeling easy on the outside, but not so funny on the inside.
Feel the sound, pray for rain...for this is the night we ride.”
So opens the classic “Agents Of Fortune” album.  This BOC song is short and in your face.  And a great reason to kick your bike and go.  At night, of course.  Always at night.  Love the Buck Dharma solo and the Joe Bouchard burning bass.  Everyone knows this classic album, so it was especially nice to hear something pulled besides “the cowbell song!”  And a good reason for everyone to revisit my Joe Bouchard interview.


Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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