Sunday, June 30, 2019

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Next Of Kihn" (1978)

"Next of Kihn" - Greg Kihn Band (1978)

I play “Next Of Kihn” all the time.  And like the album artwork suggests, Greg Kihn hadn't been pinned down yet.  The album sounds like Kihn is just doing his thing.  No diggity.  It leads off with a fun garagey type song and then fills the rest with catchy rockers and jangly alt-rock Jayhawks kinda stuff.  And Kihn also tosses in a couple of excellent floaty, trippy jams as well.  One is the haunting 6 1/2 minute gem...”Remember.”  The song is timeless and you feel it.  And it's probably his best song.

Many albums with songs that move around too much in their genre can be trouble.  But in this all works.  “Next Of Kihn” is one of those 'personal' fav albums that didn't get all that much love like others yet to come...but it's still the one I reach for when I need a fix.  Like certain albums are want to do.  Plus it's on the Berserkley label which is cool.  Not an expensive album to pick up at all, but it's starting to become harder to find in the wild.
FWIW...The deep cut gem "Remember" was recorded live in one single take.

"Next of Kihn" (back)

Berserkley label

"Sorry" - Greg Kihn Band / "Next Of Kihn" (1978)

A1  "Cold Hard Cash" 2:40
A2  "Museum" 3:33
A3  "Remember" 6:30
A4  "Chinatown" 4:44
B1  "Sorry" 3:21
B2  "Everybody Else" 5:08
B3  "Understander" 6:08
B4  "Secret Meetings" 5:59

Greg Kihn - guitar, vocals
Dave Carpender - guitar, vocals
Steve Wright - bass, vocals
Larry Lynch - drums, vocals

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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